Give your name a twist in the form of Name Necklace!

Your name is special to you! The name by which everyone addresses you, often becomes your identity. Some may or may not like their name, but the sound of your name from your loved ones is definitely music your ears. We often find names engraved on wooden key chains or frames or in the form of a sticker. Most often we get the initial of our name in jewellery like pendant or earrings or bracelets. How about your name in the form of a pendant of a necklace? Sounds exciting right, read on to know more.

Today am going to introduce you to Get Name Necklace who make cheap name necklace available for everyone. They not only offer name necklaces but also a wide range of jewellery with names engraved on it. They engrave names on necklace, rings and bracelets too. How exciting and amazing that is? For engraving the name on necklace all you need to do is select the material of the chain, the name and the length of the chain. The product is made in 3-5 working days and made ready for shipping. Standard shipping is free which is normally 7-15 days or 20 days depending on the country you are in. They also offer urgent shipping option at extra charges. I would recommend getting your name necklaces done in advance if you are planning to get them done, for free shipping option. I love the idea of engraving the name on bracelets too.

Sometimes we often are in a dilemma about what to gift our partner on Valentine’s day or anniversary. Name bracelets or name necklaces make it an easy to gift option, on such occasions! I was really fascinated by the idea of Forever Together Engraved Birthstone Necklace in Silver. This necklace allows you to select the birthstone and name of you and your partner. The you can get the necklace of the names engraved and birthstones attached to each other. Even more exciting is the idea of custom number necklace. Oftentimes many of us forget an important date like anniversary or birthday of a loved one. Imagine you gifting your partner a custom number necklace of their birthday, the day they were born for you, to be your life partner!

Till date I don’t even have a key chain with my name engraved! Anyway, don’t be a boring person like me and click to shop your name engraved in necklace.