Want To Eat Clean? Here Are 10 Ways to Detox Your System

You are what you eat is a well-known phrase, and many of us have a goal to eat healthier. ‘Clean eating’ is very famous in the field of health nowadays, andalthough the term doesn’t relate to dirt or hygiene, it’s closely connected toeating good and healthy foods. We can put a lot of junk and unnecessary foods in our bodies because they are easy to eat, make and purchase. If we are to stop using our bodies as a garbage bin, it is necessary to understand what to eat and what not to eat.

For detailed information and facts, keep reading on what is clean eating?

What is clean eating?

Clean eating is a term used for the idea to eat minimally processed food and more real and plant-based food, or clean food for maximum nutritional benefits. In short, it means to eat more home-made meals in their closest form to nature.

This kind of eating is known to be more nutritious, beneficial to the body and even easy to follow as it does not involve any fancy diet ingredients. If you are thinking of following this plan, then go ahead,it’ll even be lighter for your pocket.

Ways to Eat and Follow a Clean Diet

Stick to vegetables and fruits
Fruits and vegetables are your best friends. They are the most nutritious and healthiest source of food,loaded with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Not only are vegetables and fruitseasily accessible, they are low in cost and good to taste.

Each vegetable and fruit is enriched with its own nutritional value, and can be eaten raw or cooked.Find your favorites and tuck in after a good wash with clean water, or create delicious dishes you will keep coming back to.

Try eating organic produce as well; this will help you consume the most toxin-free fruits and vegetables, and you’ll definitely notice the difference in your health.

Cut out sugar
There are plenty ofsweet-tooth’s out there, and who doesn’t like a can of chilled soda during a hot summer day?But the amount of processed sugar in it will leave you perplexed. A single can of Coca-Cola can have about 7 teaspoons of sugar in it!

Whilst sugar tastes good, it can be the cause for many bad effects on your body, including heart diseases and obesity.Your bakery products, local sweets, and ice-creamsare full of added sugar and artificial sweeteners, so it is important to cut down on the, Whilst eating clean, sugar contents don’t need to be removed from your life but it can be replaced by a few natural sweetness such as honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Limit processed foods
If your target is to eat clean and natural, then processed food is the complete opposite. Processed food like packed food, baked goods and all the other foods which are not directly derived from the plants are processed foods. Even if any harmful or artificial ingredients are not added, it might not have the necessary nutrients,so focus on eating real plant-based food.

Cut on refined carbs
Carbs may not be bad for you, but only if eaten inmoderation and you are focusing onconsuming healthy carbs. Eating excessive carbs can lead to problems like obesity, heart problems, fatty liver, and insulin resistance. Avoid consumption of items prepared from refined flour(Maida);it may get you to feel fuller much quicker,but it isn’t good for you.

Focus on eating more whole-grains, steel-cut oats, Hi-fiber home-made Roties and whole grain bread, and avoid processed foods like readymade breakfasts and cereals.

Bring out your inner-chef
Eating out isn’t very helpful for your clean-diet plan. Why not cook at home? Get the freshest ingredients from the store and fresh vegetables from the local market, and get set go!The advantage here is that you get to control every single thing you put in the dish, there’s nothing bad for you hiding in there that you are unaware of. Make sure you focus on preparing a meal that is full of nutrients, healthy and filling.

Pick your snack wisely
A little time after your meal, there comes a moment when your body starts craving for a little treat or a snack. This is the point where most people lose their control. Instead of succumbing to unhealthy, fried or sugary snacks during your tea time, get yourself a handful of healthy options like nuts, peanuts, makhana or sprouted lentils.

Shop Local
Eating clean also means that you need to cut out toxins and chemically treated foods. The best way to do this is to go organic. This concept emphasises on cultivating food without any use of fertilizers and pesticides. Go to your local organic market and pick out all the fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Not only will you be supporting the economy, but it will also help you eat clean.

Read the labels
Going through labels is one habit that will guide you every time. It will help you distinguish between what has been presented and what is actually part of the ingredients. Every time you go through the labels and the list of contents on the back of the food product you buy,pick the ones which you think suits you, and buy the cleanest food.

Monitor your alcohol consumption
Excessive consumption of alcohol can result in certain health problems such as fatty liver, digestive disorder and fat around the stomach. Mind your glasses of alcohol to keep your system clean.

Water is the best beverage
A cup of hot coffee or a chilled mojito is always complimentary with your food. Sometimes it is better to avoid it as it can add unnecessary sugar to your diet. Getyourself into drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water each day, to help flush out all the toxins from your body.

Final Thoughts
Our body is a running machine which requires all the wholesome nutrients it can get so that it functions properly.Do not try to cut out any nutrients from your diet, and eat good food, think positive thoughts and live a clean, toxin-free healthy life. The food that comes directly from plants is good food, everything else should be consumed in moderation, or some cut out all together for happy clean eating.

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