Holidays Take Their Toll on Your Skin

While you’re drinking and bingeing on food you don’t get enough of the rest of the year, it’s easy to forget about the things you’re putting your body through. Your skin, in particular, suffers from all the fatty, oily, salty, and sweet food you indulge in. You tell yourself you’ll go back to your healthy lifestyle after the holidays, and maybe you can, but for many, this becomes a challenge.

The Holidays can Form a Habit
It takes 21 days to form a habit, and longer to break it. Now think about it in terms of December. Everyone is already in the holiday mood as soon as the month starts, and from there until New Year’s, you have 31 days to eat, drink and make merry. This means plenty of time for you to form unhealthy habits, which you will need to try to kick off at the start of the next year. Now, do you still wonder why it’s hard?

Your Sleep Schedule is Changed 
All those holiday parties and get-togethers with friends lead to later bedtimes and lower quality of sleep. This means you’ll need to do more than use a moisturizer to keep your skin looking its best. Aside from buying moisturizer online, you’ll also need eye creams to get rid of dark circles. The uneven skin tone will also need more attention, and you might even want to change your foundation altogether. These changes wouldn’t have been necessary if you just stuck to a more manageable schedule and gave your body plenty of sleep.

Your Food Intake is Unpredictable
Sometimes, you get more sugar than water. Sometimes, it’s more beer than juices. For food, you may be consuming more fats than protein. All of these changes lead to unhealthy skin and an unhealthy body overall. You don’t think much of it because one of your resolutions for next year is to lose weight anyway, but if you just get a handle on your holiday meals, your new year’s resolution might be easier to achieve without the extra weight you’ve put on in such a short time.

You Use Food as a Way to Dodge Questions
One of the stressful parts of the holidays is seeing your family and being subjected to their scrutiny. It may be a playful banter when you and your friends talk about your weight or lack of savings, but when it’s your family commenting, suddenly you feel like the most incompetent person in the room. To prepare for them during the holidays, you drink copious amounts of liquid courage, and to avoid long conversations, you keep yourself occupied with food. Then there’s also the response of your body to stress, which only exacerbates existing acne problems and lowers your quality of sleep.

There are different ways your skin suffers during the holidays. If you want to start your new year on a good note, end your previous year with good habits and great decisions. A simpler life is one that’s easier on your skin anyway.