Skincare, Haircare Haul, PR, gifts for August, September, October 2019

I have missed out on posting what all I bought since the month of August 2019. So the following is a cumulative haul of August, September, October 2019. If I buy something till October end I will just add to the list. Also I received gifts from a few friends on Instagram so I am mentioning that too. Some products I have picked up without an impetus and some were planned although am trying not to exceed my limit of shopping. Also I have emptied quite a few products so stay tuned for a huge empties list too. As of now let’s get started.

Moolit Beauty Ubtan & Mylk

It was Moolit’s Birthday sale and I had to get something, since the discount was a good one, I picked Ubtan & Mylk. I have reviewed it in detail on Instagram and would do soon on blog too.

Phenak India Green Tea Mask
I picked this up from since I wanted to support them by buying from their website. I really wanted to try this brand too. Am using it often so will post a review soon.
Mittise Aloe Clay Cleanser
One of my favorite deep cleansing face masks which I have repurchased ever and ever. I love every bit of it, even my mom loves it.

Organic Harvest Neem Face Wash
Organic Harvest was having a sale so I bought their two face washes to review exclusively for blog. I picked this up due to neem in it. Will post Review.
Organic Harvest Oil Control Face Wash
Again this one I picked up keeping in mind the claims of the face wash. Let’s see how it fades. Haven’t opened this one. 
Dermafique Face Wash
I picked this up in Health and Glow near me. I have picked this up purely to review on the blog.
Mitvana Neem Face Wash
Again this one I picked up to review on blog especially to have some variety on blog in regards to brands. This is helpful face wash in terms of fungal acne.
Vilvah Beautifying Serum
This serum too I picked up in an offline store. Vilvah is retailing in a store near me and so I dropped in by to check and bought this. It’s on of the best seller products from Vilvah.
Raw Beauty Lip Balm
I wanted to try something from Raw Beauty so I ordered this one. Su sent me hair pack free with this which I have already reviewed on the blog 

Satthwa Argan Oil Shampoo (2 nos) and Satthwa Anti Dandruff Shampoo
I totally like using these shampoos. Both the shampoos give less hair fall to me in hard water supply in Bangalore.
Organic Gypsy Aloe Moisturizer
I have already reviewed this moisturizer on my Instagram profile. I really like this moisturizer and it lasts very long.

Organic Gypsy Calendula Cleanser
I wanted to try this powder cleanser since am bored of using mine so I bought this too.
Rustic Art Aloe Gel
I love using this gel, most of the times I use on hair. So this time I decided to use on skin also.
Biotique Bio Quince Massage Cream
My favorite massage cream, my earlier massage cream which I reviewed on blog expired and I didn’t even know. So I picked this one from a hyper market near my home.
Ponds Super Light Gel Oil Free Moisturizer
I am struggling with fungal acne or something like that it is really hard. I bought this moisturizer by reading the ingredients and doing some check online whether this moisturizer is really oil free or not. This is a bomb moisturizer currently for my skin. This is not fungal acne safe it seems. I am using it and facing some problems, will update my review soon.
PR Samples
I received two products from Earthy By Ellenza viz. Anti acne gel and Saffron Gel. Out of the two I have already reviewed the Saffron gel on Instagram. I will also review the Anti Acne gel soon.

Juicy Chemistry was kind enough to send me Deodorant and Eye cream for the review. I am using the eye cream on and off and will review both the products soon.
Gifts by Instagram friends
I received so many gifts around my birthday and for Diwali. To be honest I was very touched to receive each and every gift. Let’s get started.

Shreemayee gifted me a handmade terracotta set of which is a specialty of Kolkata. I really liked the neck piece as well as earrings. She has also gifted me a cute basket with some Styrofoam flowers. Actually I had asked her about the Styrofoam flowers she uses in her pics and she remembered it and sent me the same. Such a thoughtful gift this is.

Mousumi gifted me Juicy Chemistry Aloe Lemon Mist, Juicy Chemistry lip scrub and Juicy Chemistry Potato, Tomato & Lemongrass Soap. Mousumi surely spoilt me with these gifts as I wouldn’t have bought any Juicy Chemistry product keeping in mind the price.

Strings Of Fortune Anklets were gifted to me by Lavanya. I was already eyeing them and was often forgetting them to order, before I could order I received them as gift. Thank you Lavs.

Hiral from pepilio blog gifted me Zofla Rose Water and Vetiver Water. She likes these products a lot and so she gifted me the same. I am sure am going to love the Zofla products.
Zofla brand was very kind to send me the lavender essential oil as a goodie with my gift. They even printed Hiral’s message for me on the box.

Praveena gifted me shampoo bar and shampoo conditioner form Mystic Naturals. I was already thinking of using a shampoo bar and I will soon be reviewing it. Thank you so much Praveena for this zero waste gift.
So this was a huge list Haul, PR and gifts for the month of August, September and October. I will soon be reviewing some products on the blog and some on Instagram. Stay tuned.

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