Moolit Beauty Ubtan & Mylk Review

It was Moolit Beauty Birthday and I had to get something since the discount was also good. So I grabbed Ubtan & Mylk during their birthday sale. Sunshine in a pot, if I may address this product as. I really like the concoction of this product to be honest. Frankly speaking I didn’t enjoy using it much. Let’s head to the review.

Ingredients- California Almonds, Glycerine esters, Lakadong Turmeric root, Organic Kashmiri Saffron, Tocopherol

Ingredient Goodness – Lakadong turmeric Root – known to be the best in the world for its highest curcumin content. Curcumin found in turmeric helps fight anti ageing and anti oxidant.Saffron – helps in glowing skin while treating blemishes and pigmentation.

Price, Availability- 750 INR for 50 ml, shop via link of Instagram profile of @moolitbeauty
Consistency – depends on the weather you have at your place. Thin if you live in hot weather, thick in cool places!
Fragrance – Fragrance is of almonds, nothing less than a dessert.
Packaging – amber coloured glass jar which I find classy

Method of usage (my way) – If the product is thick, wet your face with some water and make a small ball out of the ubtan and swipe over your face like you would swipe a cotton ball. If the weather is hot at your place simply massage the paste on your face.

My experience Of Moolit Beauty Ubtan & Mylk
The product cleans the skin nicely of the dirt and grime revealing a luminous glowing skin. I have also used the product to remove my sunscreen and it worked quite well. I feel one should use it as a standalone skin cleanser instead of using it as a makeup remover or for removing sunscreen (ingredients’ goodness). While removing the Ubtan & Mylk you need to use some water and it emulsifies into a milky consistency without any greasy residue!!

The product has some amazing ingredients including Lakdong turmeric root and saffron to combat suntan and pigmentation. As of now am not suffering from any of these so can’t comment on it. Although one thing is sure it does glow up the skin.
Being said that, am not happy with the application part. I am using powder cleansers since 2 and half year to be precise. The thin paste consistency without any particles in it is not my type. Am used to the grainy feeling of a powder cleanser on my face since long. The product is such a beautiful concoction of ingredients that I don’t feel like using it on face. However I will slowly finish the product.

I would recommend it to anyone who is looking at fighting pigmentation or suntan due to the ingredients’ goodness inside. Also people who don’t like using grainy texture on skin can definitely go for this Ubtan & Mylk.