Green Beauty Blessings Sunshine Drops Review

I vividly remember buying the first ever Green Beauty Blessings Product the Neem Gel to Milk Cleanser. After that I bought the 100x washed ghee ️and then the Rosehip oil. Hold on, none of these products are being made now. Today am reviewing the first permanent product of Green Beauty Blessings that is the Sunshine Drops.

I have truly enjoyed using all the products which I bought from Green Beauty Blessings. I bought the Sunshine Drops in July 2019 and am halfway through my bottle. Let’s dive into the review without any further discussion.

Green Beauty Blessings Sunshine Drops

Brand Claims

A glow boosting serum for scarred & damaged skin

Ingredients – Organic rosehip seed oil, organic seabuckthorn berry pulp CO2 extract, organic sunflower seed oil, organic rosemary antioxidant CO2 extract.

Packaging, Fragrance, Texture – 
The product is housed in an amber coloured glass bottle with a plastic dispenser and you also receive a dropper along with the product. I didn’t use the dropper since am okay with the dispenser itself. Since the product goes by the name Sunshine Drops, each time I dispense it I think of the sun and don’t ask me why? The colour of the face oil (serum if you may say) is bright orange which reminds me of the sun . The fragrance of the serum is that of a Rosehip oil, since I have previously used Rosehip oil from the same brand, it smells exactly same.

The texture of the serum is astonishingly light and non sticky. You can definitely say like a dry oil. The product is perfect for skincare product layering owing to the texture.

My experience of Green Beauty Blessings Sunshine Drops

I have used Rosehip Oil from Green Beauty Blessings for the longest time and the same has happened with this serum too. As stated above I am halfway through the bottle. The serum is like a dry oil which when applied to the skin barely feels like it has been applied. When I touch my face after 1 hour of applying this serum I don’t get any residual feeling on my fingers. Once you try to go overboard with more than 2 drops it is going to get wasted instead of doing any good to your skin. I have oily, acne prone skin and I use just 2 drops when using as a standalone serum. As mentioned by Utkarshini in her post on Instagram, I sometimes mix with half tbsp of aloe gel just one drop of it and my day time moisturizer is sorted.

Talking about the efficiency, the oil definitely gives a little glow to the skin and reduces dullness to a great extent. However the effects are seen when you regularly use it for around 6-7 weeks. It’s not a one time effect or something which you can expect the serum to magically do. Although I do believe each Green Beauty Blessings creation is a magic itself. Sunshine Drops is a blend of light oils namely Rosehip oil and sunflower oil and has seabuckthorn berry pulp co2 extracts along with the rosemary co2 extracts.

The ultra non sticky, non oily texture can make the serum suitable for all skin types and dry/ normal skinned beauties might find the need to use a moisturizer underneath it. I am however not into skincare layering and so I use it as moisturizer during day (mixed with aloe gel) or as a serum at the night. If you are looking for a good serum to invest in then Green Beauty Blessings Sunshine Drops would be a good choice. I might pick up another bottle once I finish this one. Currently am also testing the Ubtan & Mylk so stay tuned for the review as well.

Night time/Swatch

Mixed with aloe gel

Price, Shelf Life and Availability – 550 INR for 10 ml with a shelf life of 6 months. Available on the link mentioned in Green Beauty Blessings Instagram page (@greenbeautyvlessings).

Green Beauty Blessings Sunshine Drops Review

Green Beauty Blessings Sunshine Drops is a lightweight serum for day to day use. The serum gives a glow to the skin without any oily or sticky feeling. It can also double up as a moisturizer when mixed with aloe gel. It can also work well in skincare layering due to it’s light, dry texture. I would recommend the Sunshine Drops to get rid of dullness with a regular usage of 6 weeks. However if you don’t enjoy using Rosehip oil this one would be a skip for you. I am buying it again once I finish off my bottle of this serum and jar of Ubtan & Mylk.

*Product Purchased with my own money