Vanya Herbal Rose & Jasmine Body Lotion Review

How does the sound of rose or jasmine fragrance sound to you? Refreshing right? That’s exactly what I thought when I received Vanya Herbal Rose & Jasmine Body Lotion for Review. I have been using the lotion for quite some days and I thought of sharing my review since am half way up to the bottle. Let’s head to the review

Vanya Herbal Rose & Jasmine Body Lotion Review

Brand Claims and Ingredients

Packaging, Texture and Fragrance
The Vanya Herbal Rose & Jasmine Body Lotion is packed in an amber coloured plastic bottle with a screw top. When you first open the bottle you will see a plastic stopper on the bottle which needs to be removed before you start using the product. The texture of the lotion is thick and creamy. Although when you start spreading the lotion it immediately gets absorbed into the skin. More on the consistency in next section. The fragrance of the product is the UPS here. Rose and jasmine fragrance, preserving both the fragrances without being over powering is what the fragrance of the lotion is.

My experience with Vanya Herbal Rose & Jasmine Body Lotion

The lotion gets absorbed easily into the skin without leaving any sticky or greasy feeling. I feel the lotion is more on moisturizing side rather than hydrating side. It leaves zero sticky feeling while moisturizing the skin. The skin feels a little mattified after applying the lotion.

I don’t feel the need to moisturize my arms and legs once I moisturize them in the morning. However I often wash my hands while cooking and doing other things, so feel the need to moisturize just the hands while in the night routine.

Now coming to the USP of the product, the fragrance. I have a sensitive nose wherein I sneeze a lot due to strong and artificial fragrances. However the fragrance of Vanya Herbal Rose & Jasmine Body Lotion is very soothing and absolutely non over powering. I like how both the fragrances are being preserved in this product. After applying the lotion I could only notice the fragrance of authentic roses, whereas as when we try to sniff it ( yes I do it sometimes) I could notice an undertone of jasmine too. After one hour or so the fragrance starts to fade out. After some good 4 hours you can notice only jasmine fragrance which is absolutely soothing and mild.

I can say that the texture of the lotion is thick which makes it a little hard for the lotion to dispense from the bottle. Also the price of the product is little more than expected for the quantity offered. Apart from these two points I absolutely don’t find any con with the product. It’s a good to go, everyday moisturising lotion.

Price, Shelf Life and Availability – 585 INR for 100 ml with a shelf life of 2 years. Available on and other shopping portals.

Vanya Herbal Rose & Jasmine Body Lotion is a product with unique mixture of the fragance of rose and jasmine. The lotion smells absolutely authentic of the roses and jasmine fragrance. The lotion is moisturising enough for a normal skin type and dry skinned beauties might feel the need to reapply it. Overall a good lotion to try out if you are a fan of floral fragrances. The product could be offered in a little more quantity at the same price.

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