What Is Skin Fasting? It’s Time to Give Your Skin A Break!

Skincare Industry is growing day by day with the increase in demand of skincare products. With the increase in demand, the brands are being pushed or forced to bring in new launches with each passing month or week. How many times have you, yourself as a skincare fanatic said “I need something different, something revolutionary in skincare”, many times right!? I am no different, I am exactly the same as you are, if I check some new products (ignoring the fact that how luxurious packaging is or not) I get tempted to buy them, especially if the ingredients are different or it’s entirely a different blend of ingredients.

Skin Fasting

Coming back to the topic, a latest skincare trend which is doing rounds is Skin Fasting. Yes, it’s similar to the fasting which we follow for body fasting. For body fasting we consume certain foods or juices apart instead of the normal food we intake. Similarly in case of skincare, we fast the skin that is we don’t apply anything to the skin. Now there maybe a little bit of alterations in the skin fasting depending on how well your skin responds to or reacts to the skincare fasting. Let’s see how skin fasting is done and should you do a skin fasting!

What is Skin Fasting?

Skin Fasting means fasting the skin from the skincare products for a certain period of time so that the skin breathes and takes care of itself. The underlying thought or motive behind Skin Fasting is that the skin needs a break and heals and repairs on it’s own (which is very true!!). Our body or mind needs a break on a regular basis in order to function in a proper manner and skin is nothing different. The term Skin Fasting was originally conceived by Mirai Clinical, a Japanese Brand.

How to do Skin Fasting?

Skin Fasting may include ditching the intensive 10 Step skincare routine or ditching the entire routine entirely. Experts believe in using cleansers and moisturizers while on skincare fasting instead of following an extensive routine of toner, serum, moisturizer, sealant, eye cream and all. For those who follow a simple routine of CTM may choose to follow just cleansing and ditch the toning and moisturizing step. Skincare Experts suggest using the sunscreen during skin fasting, although it’s a personal call. Some experts also suggest that night cream and eye cream are an indispensable part of your skincare routine, no matter what!

How often to do Skin Fasting?

Again this is a tricky question to answer. Skin Fasting is done for a minimum of 1-4 days in a month and may go up to doing it the whole month. It again depends on your lifestyle, skin condition and your skincare routine. Some beauties may be comfortable with ditching the entire routine for 1-4 days and some may choose to follow just cleansing and eye routine for 1-4 days. It’s all about your skin, so you need to decide and check how well your skin responds to the Skin Fasting and follow it accordingly.

My personal experience with Skin Fasting

In Nov 2017, I had fractured my leg and was on bed rest for 2 months which automatically got me into Skin Fasting mode. To be honest, during those 2 months all I did was wipe my face with a lukewarm water. I didn’t experience big cystic acne which other wise I get even after following a good skincare routine.

Should you do a Skin Fasting?

The most important question is Should you do a Skin Fasting? If you are someone who is using a lot of products and still thinking about how to get your skincare game on point, it’s time to give Skin Fasting a go. Skin Fasting is not only a method of fasting the skin but also about checking how your skin feels after you stop using certain products. If your skin has stopped breaking out after stopping the products, it’s time to trash those products. Skin Fasting was also coined as a term in order to reduce the number of products you use. So if you are into an extensive routine, try Skin Fasting and see how it feels. It was also coined as a term to save money, so you might actually save some bucks by following Skin Fasting. For some people Skin Fasting may actually cause flare ups, so such audience can skip Skin Fasting and continue using their products.

The bottom line
Skin Fasting is the latest trend on the internet to fast the skin of skincare products and routine so as to give it a break and help it heal and repair on it’s own. The time duration for Skin Fasting can be anything from 1-4 days to a month or weeks. Also skin Fasting is not for everyone and can be followed depending on your current routine and products being used.

Have you every tried Skin Fasting, purposefully or accidentally? Let me know in the comments section.