Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color “Crimson Silk” Review, Swatch

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Hey you all beautiful people! Welcome me to Skincare Villa 💓 . I’m a huge lipstick lover infact for me makeup means lipstick only. So Today I’m sharing  one of my favourite red shade with you all. Today I’m going to share my views on Lakme 9to5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color “Crimson Silk”. Shade is really gorgeous but what I loved the most is it’s texture and finish. So let’s start with the review without wasting time.

Price- INR 625 for 9g

Availability- It is easily available both online and offline. You can by from here . Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart. ( Get these when there’s an offer because they are usually on 20-40% off every now and then).

Ingredients- PVP/Hexadecene copolymer, Nylon powder, Cyclomethicon.

What it says- This new generation matte mousse feels incredibly weightless to wear all day, giving your lips a powdery matte finish and your cheeks a blush that completes your 9 to 5 look.

Packaging- It comes in a very basic 9 to 5 range packaging with beige cylindrical bottom and rose gold top. shade name is written at the bottom of the tube. The applicator is doe-foot shaped and has a slight pointy top. I’m in love with the applicator. It has a hole in the center which helps to take nice amount of product.

My Experience with Lakme 9to5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color “Crimson Silk”
Red is such a shade which suits almost everyone and is a must have. This shade crimson silk is a deep red and not a bright shade which will flatter many skin tones. I am honestly amazed by the texture and finish. It is super light on lips, just like it’s name “matte mousse” it glides very smoothly and dreamy on lips and cheeks as well. But remember to scrub your lips beforehand  for more smooth and even application. The fragrance of the lipstick is very similar to vanilla and caramel ( I don’t like caramel fragrances :/ ) but the sweet smell stays for 3-4 minutes only ( I’m glad).

Now talking about it’s staying power , it’s not long. Stays for 3-4 hours with food and starts fading after that and this particular shade leaves a pinkish stain on lips. But the good thing is , it fades nicely without giving you weird dry lines in the inner corner of your lips (I hope you all are getting what I’m trying to say lol). Now last point but the most important when comes to liquid lipstick is it’s consistency. This beauty is thin in consistency and doesn’t looks patchy or uneven. You can use this range as a blush as well and it blends like a dream without making your cheeks oily or dry. On cheeks it stays for nice 6-7 hours.

Pros Of Lakme 9to5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color “Crimson Silk”

  • Very comfortable on lips (more than NYX SMLC).
  • Does not dry your lips.
  • Super light on lips and cheeks.
  • Stays 4-5 hours ( I know this is not great but guys even after fading it doesn’t look embarrassing is fades like a lip balm! yes.)
  • Very easy to apply.
  • Reapplication is quite good, won’t make it look cakey.
  • Gives a beautiful powdery finish.
  • Will flatter many all skin tones.

Cons Of Lakme 9to5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color “Crimson Silk”

  • Need to check shade name at the bottom of the tube.
  • Tube is not transparent, so we don’t get an idea of how much product is left.
  • Takes 5-6 minutes to turn into complete powdery matte.
  • Leaves a stain. (Some people might not like it.)

Will I Recommend Lakme 9to5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color “Crimson Silk”
Absolutely yes! Texture and Shade is really amazing guys. Buy one shade and I’m so sure you won’t stop with just one.

What is your favourite red liquid matte lipstick? I’m on a serious hunt to try matte lipsticks from different brand. So do let me know your favourites in the comment section below.

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