Juicy Chemistry Tea Tree and Charcoal Mask Review

Juicy Chemistry is a brand which is certified organic and not only is actually organic but also stands true to it’s values. Juicy Chemistry brand I haven’t explored much, maybe due to high price but the products speak for themselves in terms of quality and efficiency. Today am reviewing Juicy Chemistry Tea Tree and Charcoal Mask which was gifted to me by Archana of IBeautySpy.com

Let’s head to the review straight away

Brand Claims and Ingredients

The packaging is simple plastic SAN jar which has an inner lid. When I received the product the inner lid was separate which needs to be used later. Somehow I lost the inner lids but never had a problem without them. The transparent jars makes the see through easy and helps in checking the quantity easy.

Texture, Fragrance
The mask is powder form and texture is that of finely milled oats. If you have ever used oats you would know how difficult it is to apply an even layer of mask. The fragrance is that of tea tree and isn’t much over powering. The powder mask is very versatile in nature and can be used in multiple ways.

My experience
I started using the mask in the month of June 2019. I wasn’t getting much acne during this period but I do get zits once in a while. I used the mask regularly for 3 weeks (weekly thrice) and could notice a considerable difference in the reduced size of my zits. With their regular treatment I could see that I didn’t get any big size cystic acne, which I usually get around that time of my cycle. Also the mask makes the skin very soft and even toned after each use. When applied as a mask, after fully drying out it doesn’t make the skin stretchy or doesn’t dry it out.

Now coming to the versatility, since the mask isn’t easy to apply in an uniform layer on the skin I was often getting crazy while using it. Sometimes I would scoop more than required amount, sometimes I would scoop less product. Sometime my mask would fall in the sink in a bid to apply an even layer of mask, sometimes I would mix more than required amount of water in it. Also since the mask is majorly made up of oats, mixing with water is also a task. So coming to the point, whenever I used to scoop less quantity of product I would use it as a cleanser. Whenever I scooped more than required amount, I applied a thick layer of the product. Sometimes I have use as a cleanser cum mask, using small circular motions on face and leaving it as is for 4-5 minutes and wash off.

I must say no matter which way I used Juicy Chemistry Tea Tree and Charcoal Mask, it never every failed to show effects on my zits and thankfully it did prevent my cystic acne. Rather I didn’t experience a single cystic acne while I was using Juicy Chemistry Tea Tree and Charcoal Mask. The only down side I would think of it is that it doesn’t work on blackheads and whiteheads as mentioned in the claims. Apart from this I would highly suggest to get the Juicy Chemistry Tea Tree and Charcoal Mask if you experience acne often, big or small size it will tackle all of them.

Overall speaking I would say Juicy Chemistry Tea Tree and Charcoal Mask is best charcoal mask for acne.

Price, Shelf Life and Availability – 450 INR for 25 gms, shelf life of 6 months. Available online on Amazon.in, Nykaa.com and Juicy Chemistry website and app

I would highly recommend Juicy Chemistry Tea Tree and Charcoal Mask if you are facing acne often and need a good solution. The price point of the product is high since the brand uses Eco-cert certified organic ingredients only. Moreover the packaging has been renewed and you get a glass jar packaging. Overall speaking worth every penny spent on Juicy Chemistry Tea Tree and Charcoal Mask 👌.

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