Project Pan July 2019

Hoarding skincare is a sin I have been committing since many years. But not anymore, I do get tempted and sometimes buy products, but one thing I have also been doing is emptying products on a regular basis and writing a post about them. Project Pan I had heard in case of Make-up wherein you hit a pan of a makeup item, compact or eyeshadow or something else. Although I do feel Project Pan in case of makeup is different as well as difficult as compared to skincare 😉😁. I was highly inspired to do this by my fellow bloggers Archana from and Hiral from

What is Project Pan?
As stated earlier Please Pan is hitting the pan of the makeup or skincare product. In this case am attempting a project pan so as to empty the product.

Why am I doing a Project Pan?
I am doing Project Pan so as to use the products regularly as well as review them, yes review them. Most often I use a product half way and then forget about it, then again I remember I use again. Once I think of review I use the product regularly and then after posting a review I usually forget and get back to another one. I really want to stop this and hoarding skincare.

Which products are on my Project Pan list?
So I have decided to do a July 2019 Project Pan as June is mid way and I can’t finish the products till June end. Why have unrealistic expectations 😄?? Following products are on my list. I have kept the number of products minimum since am doing this for the first time.

1) The Nature’s Co Multi Vitamin Facial Massage Cream
Only one time use product is left in the tub. It has been lying like this since last year so I have added it to Pan list.

2) Juicy Chemistry Tea Tree and Charcoal Mask
Archana had gifted me this last year and I often forget to use it. I have also planned a review for this.

3) SoulTree Moisturizing Gel
I have been using this since last year and have also reviewed it. I wish to finish this ASAP so I can concentrate on some other moisturizers also.

4) Lakme Blush And Glow Kiwi Crush Face Wash
I have been using this all through May month and it’s half way through. I will soon be posting a review of this too.

5) Svayam Urad Face Pack
A very little quantity is remaining of this product and it has been lying in drawer. So I wish to use it up and reuse the glass jar for one of my balms.

6)BioBloom Natural Cleansing Milk
I love using cleansing milk on a regular basis so I bought this at a very low price from Instagram account by one of my fellow bloggers Meenal. I love this product and will be posting a review.

This was my Project Pan July 2019 and I will be posting another post in July once I finish these products. I really wish that I stick to this and help in clearing my stash.