6 Must-Have Skincare Products to Beat Acne This Monsoon

The summer is finally bidding its goodbyes and the pre-monsoon showers have brought in a much-needed relief from the heat. But these dip in temperatures shouldn’t tempt you to cut your skincare routine some slack.

If the summer can lead to terrible breakouts, monsoon is equally capable of causing acne. The humidity levels rise during this season making it a perfect atmosphere for the P.acnes bacteria to thrive on the skin.

High humidity levels can also cause oily skin to turn either oilier or even drier. So to take care of your skin, you need a skincare routine that offers acne-fighting capabilities yet manages to leave your skin hydrated and moisturized as well.

Here are 6 products you must include in your monsoon skincare routine to deal with breakouts and acne.

Raw Beauty Neemoi Cleanser
A simple and organic powder cleanser made using just 4 ingredients- oats, neem, tulsi and moringa. Oats cleanse the skin without stripping away the moisture while neem helps fight acne due to its anti-microbial activity. The moringa powder rich in Vitamin A offers protection from pollution while Tulsi helps calm inflammation. Neemoi is a wonderful cleanser for oily and acne-prone skin that you shuld definitely give a try. Shop this from Raw Beauty’s Instagram page @rawbeauty2018.

Fiducia Botanicals Pore Minimizing Toner
Made using peppermint, tea tree and helichrysum hydrosols, this toner from Fiducia Botanicals helps minimize the appearance of pores and control excess sebum. It also includes aloe vera, allantoin and panthenol (Vit B5) to soothe the skin. All in all, it clarifies and tones the skin well, prepping it for the next step. Available on their website.

Greenie Mill Tea Tree And Niacinamide Serum
This is probably the first natural serum in India that boasts of 5% niacinamide as an active ingredient. Niacinamide aka. Vitamin B3 is well-known for improving our skin’s barrier function, balancing sebum levels and preventing trans-epidermal water loss.
Greenie Mill’s serum has a light texture which absorbs quickly into the skin and helps fight acne and reduce blemishes. Use this at night before you apply your moisturizer. Buy this from their online store greeniemill.com.

Soultree Tulsi And Sandalwood Moisturizer
A non-greasy gel based moisturizer that does an amazing job at keeping oily skin hydrated. Formulated using ayurvedic herbs like lodhra, neem, tulsi and sandalwood, it leaves the skin well moisturized without any visible shine, perfect for the humid climate during monsoon.
The 40 ml bottle does look tiny but can easily last 2-3 months. Available on their website soultree.in

Suganda BHA Serum
The Suganda BHA serum has 2% salicylic acid as an active ingredient which will help the skin in shedding dead skin cells and keeps the pores from clogging up, the key reason behind acne.
The serum also has green tea and gotu kola extract which have powerful antioxidant properties and help fight free radicals. Use it 1-2 times a week. Grab this from their website suganda.co

Juicy Chemistry Tea Tree And Charcoal Face Mask
To complete the monsoon skincare routine is this detoxifying and deep cleansing face mask, that absorbs excess oils and performs mild exfoliation due to the rice flour, oats and almond meal.
The oatmeal, rose and lavender keeps the skin hydrated while soothing skin irritations. Shop this on their website juicychemistry.com

Apart from using these products, make sure to stay hydrated avoid touching your face very often. Take care of your skin properly and you will be able to enjoy all the pleasures that monsoon has to offer.

Does your acne get worse during the monsoons too? Do share your favourite products and skincare tips with us in the comments below.

About the Author

Rutu Desai is a freelance content writer for hire who creates engaging, SEO content for bloggers and brands. She also runs her own blog Demure Beauty dedicated to sharing clean and sustainable skincare tips for the urban Indian women