The Soap Factory Activated Charcoal Face Pack Review

I had ordered The Soap Factory Activated Charcoal Face Pack along with the handmade soaps they have. Since I love using handmade soaps I thought I would pick up something else from their range and picked up this one. I have been using a lot of detoxifying face packs lately although that wasn’t planned and is just a coincidence.

Brand Claims and Ingredients

Packaging, Colour, Consistency
The packaging is simple with a paper pouch and zip lock. We need to take out required quantity and use the product. Due care is to taken with such packaging like locking the zip pouch tightly and keeping it away from moisture and humidity. The colour of the face pack is dark grey (since it contains charcoal) and consistency is fine powder. Once we mix the dry powder in water it turns out into a smooth paste. While applying we need to make a smooth paste so that application becomes easy and we can apply a uniform layer on the face.

My experience
The face pack when applied in a thin uniform layer takes less time to dry up. I sometimes apply a thin layer or a thick layer depending on the amount of product I take for a single usage. The face pack leaves the skin squeaky clean with a nice glow on the face. 

The face pack gives the skin a nice cleansing effect with a soft and smooth skin. The face pack doesn’t dry out the skin at all. It does give a little tingling effect to the skin which goes off in a few seconds without notice. The face packs also gets washed off easily without any hassle and doesn’t leave a black film on face.

One thing I have noticed everytime I use the face pack is that my nostrils flare up once I wash off the face pack. I feel a little tingling sensation and itchy feeling in my nostrils everytime I use it. I don’t know why this happens. Overall speaking the face pack is a good option to detoxify and cleanse the face on a regular basis.

Price and Availability – 295 INR for 50 gms available on Instagram shop @thesoapfactoryindia

The Soap Factory Activated Charcoal Face Pack is a good face pack to try out for it’s detoxifying and purifying properties. I could clearly see the effects of the glowing skin after each use. Moreover the face pack is in dry form so you don’t have to worry about the expiration of the product. Also you can carry a small amount of the product in another container while travelling just like I did.