Imiana House Rosehip and Argan Serum Review

I received the Imiana House Rosehip and Argan Serum during the month of February when summers just started. I was using it diligently everyday as a part of my night routine. As summers kicked in full swing, I couldn’t apply the serum since I sweat a lot. Also I was concentrating more on acne reduction rather than removing pigmentation or working on scars. So I didn’t use the serum for two months. Now that my acne has stopped completely I am back to using this product. Read on to know what issues this serum tackled for me.

Brand Claims and Ingredients

The packaging is blue amber coloured glass bottle. The dropper works fine in dispensing the product. The packaging is non travel friendly, but serums are ought to be stored in glass bottles only. So no complains as far as packaging for s concerned. Also I hardly ever carry an oil based serum during travels.

Texture, Fragrance and Colour
The texture of the serum is light oily and it spreads very easily across the skin and leaves no sticky residue behind. The fact that you need just 2 drops for your whole face speak a lot about the spread ability of the serum. The fragrance is that of a prickly pear oil, also being did that am assuming, since I have never sniffed prickly pear oil fragrance. The colour of the serum is bright yellow and it doesn’t leave any hue on face.

My experience
Since I have used the serum over a period of different time, I would like to sum up the review like that. Initially the serum didn’t show prominent results and I was using it daily so that my skin gets used to the serum. However again after including it in my skincare routine since past 2 weeks I am noticing a lot of difference in the texture of my skin. The texture is soft and even. I noticed a lot of difference in lightening of pigmentation around my mouth and that of acne marks. I am currently using the serum on my stitches which have left marks on my ankle and hope for good effects.

The serum needed for each use is very little so this bottle would last longer than thought. Only two drops are enough for whole face and if we use more than two drops the face feels oily. Also the serum is very light weight and gets absorbed into the skin with a few light strokes. I haven’t noticed a difference in the acne scars yet and might need to use long term for around 6 months to notice a difference.

Regarding the price of the serum, all the ingredients are USDA certified organic which makes the price soar up but you can definitely rely on the quality ingredients which go into making the serum. Also the serum contain prickly pear seed oil which is costly, plus the brand has used an USDA certified organic.

Price, Shelf Life and Availability – 1450 INR for 15ml with a shelf life of 6 months. Available online on,

Overall speaking Imiana House Rosehip and Argan Serum is a good option to reduce the pigmentation on face. It has shown effects within 4 weeks and has surely helped me in getting a clear skin sans pigmentation and acne marks. The only thing to consider would be the high price point due to the USDA certified organic ingredients used and prickly pear seed oil being one of them. The product stays true to it’s claims of reducing the pigmentation. It has definitely brightened my complexion. However it would take some more time to show effects on acne scars and since I don’t have any wrinkles I can’t comment on the claim.

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