Review | Vya Naturals Caffeine Under Eye Cream With Green Coffee Extracts

I have dark under eye area since long time. Due to reduced eye sight, my eye area was strained since years. After getting operated for the specs my under eye was darkened a bit. I tried a couple of under eye creams to reduce the darkness but to no avail. Moreover I often forgot to use an eye cream so buying another one wasn’t on priority list. Vya Naturals recently has an offer on the trial packs of their products wherein this under eye cream was at just 100 INR for 10g with no free shipping and no COD charges, you bet i immediately availed the offer. After using the cream for 40 days here is my review.

Brand Claims

  • POWERFUL LINES AND PUFFINESS REDUCTION: Vya Naturals Caffeine Eye Cream reduces puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles in the delicate skin around the eye area.
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY BRIGHTENING AGENTS like caffeine rich green tea and green coffee extracts de-puff and reduce swelling while increasing circulation to alleviate and brighten dark circles
  • RESTORE & REJUVENATE – Moisturize and hydrate under eye skin with rosemary oil and avocado oil while fighting signs of aging.
  • ANTI-AGEING BENEFITS: Thanks to presence of Vit E and Rosehip Oil.
  • 100% PURE – no petrochemicals or other toxins
  • PERFECT FOR: All skin types, lines and wrinkles, dark circles


My experience with Vya Naturals Caffeine Under Eye Cream
The trial pack of under eye cream is in plastic tub form whereas full size is available in a UV protected amber coloured pump up bottle. The full size pack is 30ml.

The cream has a medium consistency which is neither too thick nor too thin. The colour is creamy which no added fragrance and no essential oils. The cream glides easily on the under eye area and gets absorbed as we glide the fingers in circular motion on the under eye area. If we apply the cream in excess quantity, it takes some time to sink in but still leaves no sticky residue or oiliness. The best part of the eye cream is that it is fragrance free, which means it might suit sensitive eyes too, although am not sure.

Coming to the efficiency, as stated before I have dark under eyes which are very prominent, so I didn’t expect the cream to reduce the darkness or do something miraculous to the under eye area. After about having zero expectations from this cream and still using it continuously for 40 days, my under eye area darkness has reduced by 45-50 %. The under eye area is no longer that prominent as it was earlier. I have oily eye lids and they too were dark before using this cream. I can clearly see the difference in the reduced darkness of my eyelids. The puffiness of eyelids and waterline has also reduced to a great extent especially when I get up in the morning, am able to notice a good difference. Although the overall appearance of my under eye area is same, just reduced darkness is all I can notice. I can’t see any visible effects on fine lines of my eye area.

My mom was here with me for one week and she too could notice reduced under eye bags and darkness. So a big yayyy from my Mom and am all happy about the effects this cream has no my under eye area. Let’s check the other details of the same.

The In

  • Glides easily on the eye are
  • Gets absorbed easily into the skin
  • Hydrates and moisturizes the eye area well
  • Can be worn under eye makeup
  • Reduces the darkness considerably
  • Reduces puffiness to a good extent
  • Has zero fragrance and tint or colour
  • Super affordable trial pack available currently

The Out

  • 30ml of full size eye cream is too much quantity

Price, Shelf Life and Availability – 750 INR for 30ml, 275 INR for 10g with a shelf life of one and half year. Available online and Vya Naturals website.

Vya Naturals Caffeine Under Eye Cream Review

After having zero expectations from Vya Naturals Caffeine Under Eye Cream With Green Coffee Extracts am happy to see visible changes in the darkness and puffiness of my under eye area. Moreover I picked up the cream at just 100 INR with free shipping and no COD charges so it’s like a cherry on top of the cake to be honest. My only concern was reducing the darkness of under eye area and that is what this eye cream has provided. So I would recommend picking you up the trial pack to see if this cream suits you and solves your under eye area problems. I will stock up trail pack again.

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