Skincare Empties #14

Hi All,
Starting another month of the year 2019 with an empties post. I have been hoarding skincare products like anything since last year only to realize how little product we need for each use. So basically there is no point in hoarding two tubs of moisturizer which are 50 gms. It surely goes a long way when it comes to face moisturizers or face packs or face oils. So in order to save the products from expiry I have used some products in an alternative way. Let’s get into the post.

Moolit Cleansing Cream
This is an early version of the cream and it is all set to get revamped. Keeping products in fridge has it’s own disadvantages, we often forget to use the product. I didn’t want that to happen to this beauty. Also emptying this product means am all set to buy the new version. Utkarshini you reading 😂.
Stay Wild Child Chamomile Night Cream
I really love this night gel, I had purchased it last year around March and liked it so much that I ended up buying another tub. I forgot to use this one and so to keep dryness at bay I used it as a body moisturizer. I don’t like the fragrance of this night gel. A nice pick if you have oily acne prone skin.
The Nature’s Co Saffron Radiance Cream
I like the texture of this cream. I had received it as a freebie when I purchased Biobloom face oil from Shwetali. The cream will be suitable for normal to dry skin types. I used very little quantity each time and this small tub lasted me around one month. Sometimes I used extra amount on my neck so as to empty.
Gulnare Zesty Lemon Face Exfoliator
I like the squeaky and smooth feeling this scrub leaves on the face. Although the ingredients are simple and it can be a DIY. I had received it in one of my VanityCask boxes
Sand Soapaholics Face Puree
It was gifted to me by Archana of IBeautySpy. I thoroughly enjoyed using the face cleanser. Since the expiry of the product was in April I had to finish it soon. I might repurchase this one.
Juicy Chemistry Under Eye Cream
My favorite eye cream has expired in this month and am going to let it go since it’s dangerous to use expired products for eye. I might buy this one in near future. I wish the brand has an option of 5 gms since we don’t end up using a lot of product for under eye for each usage.
So that was a teeny tiny empties list and am going to review some more products soon.

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