Urvi Naturals Jojoba Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil Review

Few months back I received the products from Urvi Naturals namely Jojoba Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil. This is the only carrier oil and essential oil blend which works great for my acne prone skin as well as my dandruff. I have used both the products for sufficient time to write this review.

The Jojoba Oil packaging is square plastic bottle with an inner lid and metallic screw top. The bottle bears all the necessary information and is super handy for travel also. The oil is golden yellow in colour and consistency is light weight in texture. If we massage it into the skin it absolutely leaves no traces on skin. I have used it alone as well as mixed two drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil in two teaspoon of this jojoba oil as a skin treatment for few days when my skin was going through a rough time. It made my acne vanish in 2-3 days while leaving a faint mark on the face. I have also used the above mixture for my dandruff and it helped in reducing the dandruff when used regularly. I have used the Jojoba Oil as a hair serum on my dry hair and the effects lasted for almost a day.
Price – 520 INR for 100ml with a shelf life of 2 years, to be used within 6 months of opening.

Coming to the essential oil, Urvi Naturals is one of those brands offering authentic essential oils without dilution. I have used another brand for Tea Tree Essential Oil and it had the same fragrance as of this one. Also the effective of essential oil speaks for itself. The Tea Tree Essential Oil is packed in an amber coloured glass bottle with a dispenser. The dispenser however dispenses a lot of drops at one go, and that’s my only complaint about the essential oil. 
Price – 375 INR for 10ml with a shelf life of 2 years, to be used within 6 months of opening.
I also received a leaflet from Urvi Naturals which mentioned some simple DIYs of the Jojoba Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil. The most noteworthy thing about this brand is the disclaimer they have put up on labels of essential oils regarding use during pregnancy and in case of children.
All in all I can say that you won’t be disappointed by the quality products Urvi Naturals offers, be it their carrier oils or essential oils. What bothers me is non amber coloured bottles for carrier oils and a fast dispensing dispenser for essential oils. This is more of a packaging feedback wherein the actual products work great for my skin. I recently purchased Organic Neem Oil from Urvi Naturals and am planning to make a sleeping mask out of the Jojoba Oil, tea tree oil and aloe gel. Will update you guys once I make and use.