Imiana House Rose Clay Mask Review

Few weeks back Imiana House hosted a surprise giveaway on Instagram wherein their new launch Rose Clay Mask picture was posted and main Ingredients were to be guessed. I guessed the Rose Clay as the first ingredient. When results were announced I was surprised to see my name as a winner. After using the mask for a sufficient time here is my review.

Brand Claims and Ingredients
Rose Clay Mask is a pure bliss for pampering oneself. A unique combination of Rose clay , Argan and avacado formulated give you awesome skin with each session.This blend is great for all skin type

  • Clarify skin impurities & Refine Pores
  • Brightens Skin tone
  • Removes dead skin and gives healthy glow
  • The unique formulation is great for All skin types.
  • Its creamy texture glides smoothly over skin.
  • No stretchy feeling post wash just smooth & soft skin.

My experience
Imiana House Rose Clay Mask is housed in a plastic jar with a black lid. The jar also has an inner lid to protect leakage and spillage. Packaging is simple and travel friendly.

Imiana House Rose Clay Mask is dark, pale pink in colour. One can actually guess Rose Clay is one of the ingredients of the mask just by looking at the colour of the mask. The mask doesn’t have a scent or fragrance as such. The texture of the face mask is a creamy which is more of a gooey sort. Consistency is smooth, soft and not too thick.

Imiana House Rose Clay Mask is easy to apply as it glides easily due to it’s right texture. Due to the gooey consistency sometime while applying a uniform layer we tend to remove the already applied mask on the face. After washing my face with any powder cleanser, I apply this and wash off after 15 minutes. It gives a mild cooling sensation and I don’t feel any irritation or any other feeling.

Coming to the effects, my skin looks feels super clean, bright and has a radiant glow. My skin is deep cleansed and the mask also gets rid of dead cells which slough off after becoming too soft. The mask doesn’t dry out the skin, but it also doesn’t cure any dry patches we have.

Imiana House Rose Clay Mask is enriched with Rose Clay, Argan oil and Avocado oil. Since it contains rose clay, am assuming this mask will suit all skin types. Although a patch test is always recommended. Overall speaking the mask gives a healthy glow while getting rid of the impurities from the skin. Moreover it has argan and avocado oil which are responsible for the high price point of the product. But am happy with the quantity offered as a thin layer of the mask does the trick as well.

Price, Shelf life and Availability – 590 INR for 50 gms with a shelf life of 6 months after opening. Available on Amazon, Qtrove and Imiana House website.

Recommendation – If you are looking for a change in face mask or looking to add something new to your existing collection I would recommend picking up Imiana House Rose Clay Mask. The mask has some unique ingredients like Rose Clay, Argan oil and Avocado oil which are beneficial for the skin and it effectively cleanses the skin while giving a nice glow to the skin. The quantity is sufficient enough to last around 3-4 months.

*Giveaway prize

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