Moolit Cleansing Cream of Seabuckthron Review

I have never posted a review of Moolit Products (guilty 😐). I had purchased 100 times washed ghee and Neem Gel to Milk Cleanser but couldn’t use them regularly and hence couldn’t review them. After using the Seabuckthron Cleansing Cream for a few weeks here are my thoughts about it.

The packaging and labelling is simple, all instructions and ingredients are mentioned on the packaging. The product is housed in amber coloured plastic jar and is leak proof. The product has a creamy consistency and is little runny in nature. We need to shake the jar before usage as I have noticed oil and cream texture a bit separated. The fragrance of the cream is citrus, it’s of seabuckthron. The fragrance isn’t much lingering, as long as the cream is on your face. Once wiped off it doesn’t linger.
Once massaged into the skin the cleansing cream gives a soothing effect. I massage well into my skin and leave it off for 2 minutes roughly, I don’t have patience to leave a product which needs to be wiped off from face, like cleansing milk or cream or any cleanser. Once I start wiping off with a damp cotton, I can actually see the grime and dirt being wiped off along with the cream. If we try wipping off hard or for more number of times the cleansing cream stings or gives a little burning sensation on the active acne or sensitive area of the skin. After I noticed this, I stopped wiping hard or for more times than usual. 
Coming to the efficiency, the cleansing cream helps in deep cleansing the skin, leaving the skin clean, soft and supple. I have noticed a considerable effect on my acne marks as they have lightened a lot. Skin feels super clean and clear that you cannot keep your hands off the face. I use this cleansing cream once in while, can say on a weekly basis and am happy with the results. It hasn’t caused any breakouts or didn’t give me any irritating feeling. Initially when I tried the cream in humid weather I thought it caused me breakouts, but I was wrong. It was due to the weather, and not the cream. I haven’t tried removing any makeup with this cleansing cream, as I rarely wear it.
Overall speaking, I like the cleansing cream to deep cleanse my skin once in a while. The cleansing cream not only cleanses but also reduces the acne marks and makes the skin soft and smooth. I am in love with the Moolit Cleansing Cream of Seabuckthron as a pamper session for my skin. Moreover next time, Utkarshini, the chief formulator of Moolit is going to come up with a self preserving formula of the cleansing cream. I am already eyeing the next version 🤩.

To buy the cream you need to message @moolitbeauty Instagram account.