Is Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel suitable for haircare or skincare?

If I had to choose only one skincare product I would choose aloe vera gel. And if I had to choose one most under rated Skincare product for oily skin I would still choose aloe vera gel. I have been using aloe vera gel by Kaira Naturals for almost 2 months now and I cannot stop raving about it. Similarly am all love for Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel. I had bought it for using on my skin but somehow ended up using on hair. Read onto know if it is worth using for hair or skin

I started paying due attention to my frizzy hair. I already had Jojoba Oil and Rosehip Oil with me from Blend It Raw. I wanted to use up the oils ASAP as they had been lying for a long time with me. One day I simply applied Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel and Rosehip Oil as a pre shampoo treatment and washed off my hair after one hour with Satthwa Argan Shampoo. My hair had a nice bounce and subtle softeness. Believe me, my hair never had this typr of softeness post shampoo without a conditioner. The Aloe Vera Gel is crystal clear an appearance and has a lemony fragrance. They do have other variants which are high priced plus have some colour in it. The colour may be organic but I like using this plain version.

I am such a sucker at hair care that apart from getting regular trims and shampoo I absolutely do nothing for my hair. I now regularly use Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel as a pre shampoo treatment. I have already emptied one jar for my hair and have stocked up too jars for my hair. Now that question is why not use on face? Usually aloe vera gel has runny consistency and need a thickener as well as preservative to increase it’s shelf life. Rustic Art uses Tcls preservative to increase the shelf life of their aloe vera gel. However there is no mention of any thickening agent. I am unsure about this, I don’t know whether the TCLS preservative itself has a thickening agent.

I have also tried using it on skin but it just doesn’t sink into the skin and sits on top. I don’t feel any soothing or therauptic effect as such when appplying this gel. So I use it for my hair. Apart from hair cair I would not like to use Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel for my skincare. For my skin I use another aloe gel which I will review soon.