Bionova Vitamin E Cream Review

Even after been into skincare from the past few years I have never had a chance to use a special vitamin E cream. Not that it never crossed my mind, but with so many brands in the market choosing a good one was a real task. Recently I had a chance to use and review Bionova Vitamin E cream. After using it for 3 weeks here is my review on it.

Bionova Vitamin E Cream Review

Brand Claims
ALOTOL ADVANCE is a skin care formula from Bionova with skin rejuvenation and intense moisturization properties. With natural vitamin E as the key ingredient, ALOTOL blocks the free radical activity and protects the skin against acne breakouts that are triggered by free radicals. ALOTOL cream protects the skin against photobiological damages such as sunburns, dark spots premature aging. As an antioxidant, vitamin E stimulates skin cell division and improves the structural integrity of the skin. This product works well on all types of skins.

Cylopentasiloxane, Polypropyl Silsesquioxane, Dimethicone Vinyl Crosspolymer, Natural Vitamin E (source from various oil), Natural Squalene & Nature Identical Fragrance

My experience
The product is housed in a luxurious glass jar. It has an inner lid to prevent product leakage. The outer lid and inner lid are perfect to keep leakages and spillage in check while travelling. I really like the luxurious packaging. The quantity of the product is 50 gms and the jar was filled to brim. Even after using continuously over 3 weeks am not able to finish even 1/4 of it.

Coming to the colour, it is very light beige coloured product. The fragrance can be a bit bothering if you have a sensitive nose like me, but the fragrance is definitely not headache inducing. The texture of the cream is beyond amazing, rich, thick yet non greasy, non oily. The cream gets absorbed easily into the skin without leaving any oily residue. The cream contains natural vitamin E and not synthetic vitamin E. Synthetic vitamin E gives only effect to the skin as moisturiser. Whereas, natural vitamin E works not only as moisturiser but also gives additional benefits as skin cell rejuvenation, anti-ageing & anti oxidant properties.

I have used this cream during day and it moisturizes the skin sans oily or greasy residue. During the day the cream sweats a bit so I started using it at night when the skin repairs and rejuvenates. With regular use I wake up to baby soft, plump, smooth and even toned skin. The softness of the skin is too much to handle and I keep on touching my face often (guilty of this though 😝). I have even used the cream on my elbows and to my surprise the cream has even softened and brightened the rough elbows (😝😝). All in all I love the effect this cream has on my skin. I would however recommend using it only once a day for oily acne prone skin, as it intensely moisturizes the skin. Dry and normal skinned beauties can use it day and night. Some days back I had a rash due to a facial tonic, and I didn’t skip using this product. To my surprise it soothed and calmed down the rashes in two days.

Bionova Vitamin E Cream Review

Bionova Vitamin E Cream Review

The In

  • Contains natural vitamin E (alpha tocopherol)
  • Intensely moisturizes the skin
  • Makes the skin plump, smooth and even toned with regular use
  • Gets absorbed easily without any greasy, oily or sticky feeling
  • Softens rough, dry skin patches (softened my elbows)
  • Little goes a long way so Product lasts longer
  • Affordable price according to quantity
  • Value for money product
  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Didn’t cause me any breakouts
  • Luxurious packaging

The Out

  • Will suit dry, mature, normal, combination skin more
  • The cream sweats a bit during the day for oily skin

Price, Shelf life and Availablility – 675 INR for 50 gms with a shelf life of 3 years. Available on and Bionova Lifesciences website. Available

Bionova Vitamin E Cream Review

I like the fact that Bionova Vitamin E Cream is true to it’s claims of giving a youthful looking skin with regular usage. The Bionova Vitamin E Cream not only makes the skin smooth but also softens elbows and rough patches. This will be more suitable to dry, normal and combination skin types. Oily skinned beauties can use once a day as it intensely moisturizes the skin (I have oily acne prone skin). This cream however didn’t cause me any breakouts, so rest assured about it’s efficiency. Grab this cream if you can, as it gives amazing effects on the skin.

*PR sample