5 Skincare mistakes which I made and didn’t even know!!!

Some skincare mistakes not only make your skin go through a tough time, but also take longer to heal the damage done. Many and many people are turning to skincare and with the amount of brands emerging everyday it becomes difficult to decide which products are good for your skin and which ones to opt for and continue with. Today I am talking about the skincare mistakes I myself have made and would like to share my experience. So without much of my blah blah am sharing some mistakes below.

Judging the skincare product too early
This happens every time I use a new cream. Most of my acne is due to hormones, and when I use a new cream I used to judge and say it causes breakouts where in reality am on my hormonal cycle. When I use the cream regularly, then I get to know it’s not the cream but my hormones which broke me out. I no longer judge a product with mere one time usage. However some products can irritate the skin and there is no point in testing the same product again. Try distinguishing between results when using a new skincare product and don’t be quick to judge with mere one time usage 

Not using the skincare products meant for your skin type
Most of us are guilty of committing this mistake. How many times have we picked up a skincare product because of it’s ingredients or luxurious packaging? Many times! Not using Skincare products according to skin type not only burns your pocket, but also gives rise to new skin problems. Imagine the situation wherein you are using a cream which is meant for dry skin where as you have oily skin. The cream will be rich enough for your already oily skin and may clog pores.

Changing your skincare routine or products often
There is no bigger mistake than this in skincare I think. With the Instagram taking over to the way we see people, it’s easy to get distracted by the skincare shelfies posted each day. The longer you follow a skincare routine, based on your skin type, weather and right products, the more the chances of achieving your skincare goals. The longer you use a product, the more benefits you reap, plus you also get to know the product better in terms of efficiency.

Using the skincare products in excess
Do you love using the moisturizer or face mask in excess just because you love the texture of it? Haha this sounds so me. I am guilty of using a day cream in gel form in excess. Don’t go overboard with the amount of product needed for everyday use. Sometimes a thin layer of face pack does the same thing as a thick layer does, so why waste the product by using extra each time 😁. Same goes with a day cream and night cream.

Trying to tackle all your skin problems at once
I have committed this mistake in the very early years of my skincare. I was trying to tackle my acne as well as the marks at the same time. The attempt, I ended up using a combination of acne cream and night cream which was too heavy for my skin. The result, clogged skin with more acne and in turn more marks 😔. Take one day at a time and one skin problem at one time. Please remember skincare is a never ending process.

Hope I was able to relate to some of the mistakes which we often commit without even realising it. It’s ok to make mistakes, we should learn from them. After all we all are human being, here to make mistakes and learn a lesson and move on 😀. Have a happy skin day!