The Benefits of Having Ablative Laser Treatment

It is possible for people to have blotches on their face from acne, aging or spending too much time in the sun. They may also have lines, scars as well as wrinkles. An effective way for someone with these conditions to have younger and healthier skin may be to have ablative laser skin resurfacing. This process is designed to carefully remove specific layers of skin with precision. New skin cells will form during healing. This will leave a person’s skin with a younger and tighter appearance.

Fiber Laser Technology

The advancements in technology have made it possible for the laser ablation process to be performed with a very high level of efficiency, accuracy as well as precision. Ablative laser technology is able to be performed using both a continuous wave as well as pulsed lasers. This makes it able to provide different intensity levels as needed.

Medical Considerations

The ablative laser procedure does not require an incision but is still treated as a surgical procedure. The recovery process can be difficult, but it is extremely hard for any patients dealing with a disorder of their immune system. This procedure may not be good for individuals with skin that scars easily. Anybody with a connective tissue disorder like Sjogren’s syndrome, lupus, erythematosus and more are at an elevated risk for complications.
Ideal Candidates

These are individuals who have skin that is non-oily and elastic. It helps if a person’s skin is not the type to easily scar after having a minor injury. An individual who does not have any medical considerations is also a good candidate for ablative laser surgery. A good candidate will also have realistic expectations about the results of the procedure.

Starting The Process
Anyone who wants the benefits associated with ablative laser surgery will need to first meet with a dermatologic surgeon. This is a time when a dermatologic surgeon will discuss a person’s cosmetic goals. The medical history of a person will also be discussed. A dermatologic surgeon will need to know about a person’s previous surgeries as well as any current or previous health issues. They will need to know about medications, herbal supplements as well as nutritional supplements being taken. A dermatologic surgeon will then do a thorough examination of a person’s skin to determine if they will benefit from ablative laser skin resurfacing

Before The Procedure

Prior to the procedure, a dermatologic surgeon will give a patient certain important instructions to follow. A person may be asked to take an antiviral medication. This will prevent them from developing a herpes virus infection. This is a common virus responsible for cold sores. A person will also be asked to not expose their skin to the sun for extended periods of time. This will need to be done prior to the procedure and after it. It will also be important for a person to arrange for someone to drive them home once the procedure is finished. The initial 24 hours after having sedation is a time when most individuals are not thinking clearly.


A person will usually have the ablative laser resurfacing procedure done in the office of their dermatologic surgeon. Just prior to the procedure beginning, a person’s face will be carefully and deeply cleaned. A local anesthetic will be administered to the area to be treated. This will be for pain reduction. When necessary, people are given a sedative to help them relax. Prior to it starting, a person will be given protective eye shields to wear. This will protect their eyes during the procedure. The skin of the treatment area will be held taut by the dermatologic surgeon as the laser is used. Heat from the laser is intense and is designed to create the exact amount of controlled damage to the skin located at the treatment area. The procedure could take up to two hours. This will depend on the amount of treatment required.


Once the laser procedure is completed, the area of the skin that was treated will have an ointment and dressing applied to it. For a few days, a patient will have their face covered with a mask bandage. The area of the skin that received the treatment will appear to have a serious sunburn. It could be raw. A patient may experience oozing and a lot of drainage for as long as two weeks following the procedure. They will receive instructions from the dermatologic surgeon on how to care for their skin as it heals. The area of the skin that received the treatment may itch, burn tingle or be painful. Ice packs and pain medication are effective tools for dealing with this discomfort. It is important patients resist the urge to scratch or pick at the treated skin during the recovery time. It is also important to remain indoors and avoid all strenuous activity. Chances of an infection will be decreased by completing the prescribed amount of antiviral medication. A number of follow-up appointments will be required so the treating dermatologic surgeon can carefully monitor a patient’s recovery. It may take up to four weeks for a patient’s skin to heal completely. New skin will start to grow and cover the wounds in about two weeks. A patient’s skin could remain red for a few months following the procedure. After the procedure, exposure to direct sunlight should be minimized and a sun protection must always be used.

The results for individuals who have ablative laser surgery procedure is estimated to be an overall improvement in their skin of up to 75 percent. People have had their skin texture improved, sun spots removed, acne scars removed, wrinkles eliminated and more. These results will last for several years and can be maintained with a proper skin care regimen. This results from this procedure are not permanent. It may need to be repeated at some point in the future.

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