Juvena Herbals Marrow Beauty Pack Review

Today am reviewing the Juvena Herbals Marrow Beauty Pack. I have used it in July end and August month. After controlling my acne with my minimalist routine, this is the only face packs I have used it when my skin condition  was too bad. It has helped me a lot in deep cleaning of my skin. Let’s head to try to review directly.

Brand Claims and Ingredients

My experience
The face pack is packed in a simple white plastic tub which is a bit bulky and has 150 gms of product. The face pack has another plastic bag to prevent from moisture or any other damage. The face pack is light orange in colour and has lentil powder consistency and feel.

The face pack has a heavy aroma of peppermint which feels so authentic and soothing. The face pack is to be mixed with tomato or cucumber juice for oily skin but I have used plain water and still it gives amazing effects to the skin.

The face pack once applied gives a cooling effect to the skin, as the face pack dries up the cooling effect increases a bit and skin gets a little tightening effect. If we move around after applying the face pack, the skin gets a chilling effect. While removing the face pack, splashing water also becomes a task as the face gets a chill feeling.

Coming to the after effects of the face pack, the face pack effectively reduce the appearance of acne. Later on I got a few zits which were totally gone without any mark on my skin. The face pack deep cleanses the skin which making it very soft and smooth, so much that I couldn’t keep away my hands from touching my face often. I have used the face pack twice or thrice weekly, it can even be used daily. But I was already using Juvena Herbals Mint Cleanser, which itself was sufficient for my acne so I used this face pack twice weekly and sometimes thrice. I would say that this face pack is every effective in deep cleaning the skin while reducing the small zits on your face. The only con I find was that it gives a severe chilling effect while washing off with water.

Price, Shelf life and Availablility – 250 INR for 150 gms with a shelf life of 2 years. Available through whatsapp, facebook and service cum retail outlets of Juevna Herbals in Gorakhpur and Varanasi. Gorakhpur +91 94152 82407, +91 551 234 2443, Varanasi +91 70073 07779, +917499999099 

Juvena Herbals Marrow Beauty Pack is an effective remedy to keep your skin clean and soft. The face pack effectively reduces active acne and prevents new ones from forming. Plus the face pack is devoid of harmful chemicals and at the this price point of product, I would say this one is a total winner.

*PR sample