Skincare Empties #9

Last updated on 11 August, 2022


So as I write this post am really patting my back as I have emptied another set of products. I am actually making room for some new products as well as different brands whenever I post an empties list. But this time I have emptied some products which had been in my shelf from a long time. Let’s head to the list and see what all is worth repurchasing. Please note my empty post aren’t monthly, rather they take couple of months to be emptied.
Ethicare Remedies Glowmed Face Wash
I find this face wash good to work on my acne, but since I used it just once a day I cannot guarantee how it will work on severe acne issues. Sometime I also find this face wash a bit drying. If the face wash gets stuck near the nozzle of the tube it forms a glue like thing and it becomes difficult to dispense product next time. I cannot say this isn’t worth buying or is a must buy. I have neutral views about this.
Embar Store Cleansing Grains
I like how this product works as a mild scrub while removing dead skin cells. Also it works great as a face pack too. I do feel the product is a bit pricey according to the amount we get. If you like using powder cleansers, they give this a try.
Sova Chamomile And Coorgi Narangi Body Wash
The fragrance of this body wash is really amazing! The body wash in itself is great as it doesn’t dry out the body skin and instantly refreshes the skin. It foams quite well and is truly a spa like product. The sample size lasted me around 3 weeks and you can imagine how the full size product will last then 🤗. I really liked this body wash and if you loke using body washes give this a go!
Soulflower Rosemary Essential oil
Yes, you read it right! I have actually emptied an essential oil which I have been using from the past one and half years. I basically bought this one to tackle my hair loss and it actually worked for me from first use itself. Although now after emptying my bottle, I have stopped using this and am trying some new products for hair growth and hair care.
Oh yes, emptying an under eye cream is such a task, that too 50gm size one! I have used it as a face cream, as a massage cream and as a body cream. It works quite well in hydrating and moisturising the under eye area. I like using this as a face cream and body cream too. It doesn’t work well when used as a massage cream as it didn’t get absorbed that well into the skin as a massage cream does. But since it isn’t formulated that way the creams to double up as a massage cream also, I don’t have any complaints. Also a small amount of cream I have shifted to a jar to be used as an under eye cream. Good to go cream, but people with severe acne prone skin (plus who have a problem with isopropyl mystriate) can skip this as it has isopropyl mystriate as a major ingredient.
W2 Cranberry Hydrating Body Spa
Another good body wash to give it a try. It smells like cranberry, but honestly speaking I don’t know the fragrance of cranberry so am assuming it. This body wash leaves the skin soft and smooth, so much so that you might go that extra mile in rinsing thinking some body wash residue is left on your hands and legs. Some may find the fragance bothering but it immediately fades away after the shower.
Skinsense Natural Luxury Even Complexion Face Pack
I like the after effects of the pack, as it gives even toned skin, clear, bright and radian look. While shifting my home few months back my mom was here with me and she tried this facepack. She was so impressed with the after effects, am soon buying this one after a few weeks. Out of all the above mentioned products I would label this product as a worth buy and repurchase for me.
Apart from above list I have some products which are almost empty, but then I decided to a separate empties post next month and hence haven’t included them here. So I hope you all find this post helpful and do comment your views on this.

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