Bliscent Daily Cleanser Review

My undying love for powder cleansers is increasing day by day with each new cleanser am trying. The more variety am trying the more am convinced about the benefits of powder cleansers. Today we will be talking about Bliscent Daily Cleanser which I had received in one of the VanityCask Boxes.

Brand Claims and Ingredients
My experience
I love the packaging, classy and simple at the same time. The packaging carries all the product information with it. I like the spill proof extra lid with the tub.
The product is majorly white in colour with some light pink particles into it. The product is grainy in texture wherein we can find while rolled oats too. I couldn’t use the cleanser nicely due to the big oats particles, wish they were a little bit milled. The fragrance of the cleanser is exotic and is due to the Frankisense essential oil in it. Once mixed with water the cleanser forms a smooth paste but when we try applying it to our face, it keeps on falling.
The cleanser does the job of cleansing  very perfectly while leaving a smooth and soft skin. It removes dirt, sweat as well as excess oil. It gives a hydrated look to the skin while making it fresh and clean. Due to it’s slightly grainy texture it acts as a mild scrub too. It’s a good cleanser if you are looking for a budget friendly one, however I don’t like the addition of essential oils in a daily cleanser given the fact that I end up using powder cleansers three times a day now. 

Price, Shelf life and Availability – 350 INR for 75 gms, Available on
As a sucker of powder cleansers I love using the Bliscent Daily Cleanser. But if you are new to powder cleansers then this might disappoint you in terms of fragrance or in case of product texture falling down while applying the cleanser. I also like to avoid essential oils in cleansers, as I use them thrice a day. If you like using powder cleansers then go for it.