Why is Natural Skin Care better?

Guest post

Concern and love for skin isn’t uncommon among people as our skin is the organ that is most visible to our eyes. Everybody loves to have a smooth shining and soft skin, right? Hence, skin care products are on a great rise. We tend to spend a big amount of our income on skin care. Be it men, women or even kids, we all use skin care products to keep our skin attractive. Yes, we do expose the delicate skin of our newborns and toddlers to chemical based creams and massage gels assuming that would benefit our little ones. 

 But are we really doing justice to the organ that serves not only as a protector but also regulates our body temperature, helps in sensation and excretes toxic waste? After exposing it to UV rays and pollutants the whole day, we try to pamper our skin by infusing more chemicals in it.  Our poor delicate skin, that is designed to excrete toxins out of our body, unwantedly allows harmful chemicals and toxins to enter our body that may be dangerous to other organs. 

These products have various ill-effects on our health. 

A lot of studies show the chemicals present in cosmetics and skin care products can affect our hormones.  A research also proved that certain chemicals can decrease sperm count in males and alter pregnancy in females.

Cancer in another dangerous outcome of these chemicals and the cases are increasing day by day. There may not be any good research that conclude skin care products have a direct effect on cancer but there are definitely enough evidence to prove that certain chemicals in the moisturizers can cause skin cancer. 
Another important element to be aware of is mercury which has a toxic effect on the human body and can leave our kidneys damaged easily. Though this ingredient is banned in a lot of countries,  there is a chance of it present in  skin-lightening creams that are imported. 

A common product that we use in our day to day life is hand sanitizers or waterless hand cleaners. Though this product has made our life very convenient but unfortunately it has a lot of side-effects. Firstly, it doesn’t kill all the harmful substances and can be a reason for spreading of diseases. Secondly, its main ingredient is alcohol which can cause confusion, hypotension, coma, gastrointestinal bleeding and neuropathy if used for long term. Lastly, they also contain paraben which is associated with breast cancer. Hence washing hands the traditional way, i.e, with soap and water is very important and safe for our health.

While talking of traditional way, I would also like to discuss a few traditional ingredients that our ancestors used to take care of their skin and are 100% safe for us.

Aloe vera – This plant has been associated with healing of various skin problems. From acne to psoriasis, it heals most of our skins issues and makes it look fresh and beautiful. 

Turmeric – The anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin helps curing wounds and quick healing. However, one would be happy to see great results in skin lightening when turmeric and gram flour paste with water or rose water is applied on skin. It is a pocket friendly and totally safe scrub used since years. In some communities they use it for bathing infants too.

Coconut oil – Skin moisturizing is very important for a smooth and glowing skin and nothing can beat cold pressed organic coconut oil in it. Night creams and moisturizers that are oil based are always safer and beneficial. 

Neem – Also known as Azadirachta indica is another plant that is used in a lot of cosmetics for its varied benefits. It’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties make it really helpful for making medicinal soaps. It can also be very effective as a mosquito-repellent.

Almond oil –  This Vitamin E rich oil is best to nourish our skin. This oil could be used to massage kids and adults both, for a lively skin.

Apple cider vinegar – This magical ingredient in our kitchen can be a very effective to treat fungal infections and also helps in treating dandruff and giving a healthy scalp. 

Some of the other natural substance good for our skin include, white butter, raw honey, shea butter and cocoa. 

People do find it difficult and time-consuming to use these ingredients for skin care in this busy world. Hence, I would suggest to opt for skin-care products that contain these natural ingredients. Don’t miss on checking the ingredient list on the back of the pack and opt for a product that mentions just natural ingredients and contains no chemicals. Avoid buying stuff that have a long list of ingredients.  The simpler the ingredients to understand, the safer it is for our body.

To conclude, I would say opting for chemical based treatments may give us instant results but going for natural skin care will help us stay beautiful lifelong. 

Hi, Irene Brown here! When I am not at healthy-finds.com, I devote my free time to by hobbies, which are playing the guitar and reading books. I am very dedicated to leaving a healthy life, which is why I joined the healthy-finds team! Thanks for reading 😊