Skinsense Natural Luxury Even Complexion Face Pack Review

Ever since I have realized the importance of face packs in keeping a skin healthy, I tend to use them up on a daily basis these days and sometimes twice or thrice a week. Skinsense Natural Luxury Even Complexion Face Pack I have used over a span of 2 weeks (weekly thrice) and am here to post a review on it.

Brand claims – Even Complexion Multi-Clay and Mineral Face Pack clarifies, infuses your skin with oxygen, absorbs impurities, visibly evens skin tone and helps reduce skin discoloration and marks using vitamin E and earth minerals. Ideal for Large pores, blemishes, un-even skin tone. Ideal for these Skin Types: Oily skin, Dry skin, Combination skin, Normal skin, Sensitive skin, Acne-prone skin, Aging skin, Mature skin.

 Ingredients – Vitamin E , Antioxidants, Minerals, Multi-clay complex.

Directions for usage – Mix a teaspoonful with water and apply on cleansed skin. Leave till almost dry and wash off.

My experience 
The Skinsense Natural Luxury Even Complexion Face Pack is housed in a simple plastic tub with the product information label on it. The jar is easy to use and is nothing fancy and can be reused after the product is emptied. The jar needs to be closed tightly after each use and every use and product has to be kept away from water and sunlight. Also this face pack needs to be mixed in plastic bowl with a plastic spoon.

Coming to the consistency and texture of the face pack, consistency is powder form, which is not at all grainy and is fine powder. The colour of the product is muddy and smells amazingly well. I love sniffing the product while I mix it with water. Once we mix the face pack with water we can see bubbles emerging out of the face pack. At first I thought it’s the powder which didn’t get mixed properly, only to realize later that they were oxygen bubbles (oxygen as mentioned by brand).

Once we apply the face pack on the face, the bubbles kind of burst on the face giving a nice feeling to the skin. I didn’t feel any tingling sensation or any itchiness as the face pack dried with passage of time. The face pack doesn’t dry out fast which is a good thing as the skin tends to soak up all the goodness of the face pack. The face pack gets washed off easily.

Now the after effects of the pack, the skin becomes very even toned, as if we have applied some sort of moisturiser which plumps up the skin. I am really impressed by this effect of the face pack. I have not seen any effects in the reduction of scars or blemishes, maybe that will take time to show effects. The skin looks clear and radiant, as if the skin has been detoxed and made clean. I have never seen a dry face pack giving plump, even toned skin but this is one of a kind face pack. I am really sure to grab a pack once I finish this off.

See the bubbles in lower image of collage

The In
  • Makes the skin clear and radiant from first use itself
  • Detoxifies the skin to make it clean
  • Gives an even toned skin
  • Easy to use and light weight packaging
  • Very fine powder consistency
  • Gets mixed with water easily
  • Gets washed off easily
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin like other clay face packs
  • Affordable price and adequate quantity
  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Free from nasty chemicals like parabens, mineral oil, skin drying alcohols 
The Out
  • I didn’t find any
Price, Shelf life and Availability – 550 INR for 50 gms. Due care is to be taken while closing the lid of the lid of the tub and ensuring no water enters it. Available on 

Skinsense Natural Luxury Even Complexion Face Pack is one of a kind which detoxifies the skin while giving and even toned skin. The face pack gives a very radiant and clear looking skin starting with first use itself. Moreover the face pack is a treat to the skin without any harsh chemicals. I am sure to buy another tub once this is over.

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Sonali, is a skincare aficionado who tackles one skin problem at a time. She has been blogging at Skincare Villa since 2016 and is a Certified Formulator for making dry powder based masks and cleansers.