Shopping Haul featuring BioBloom, Diya Naturals and Stay Wild Child

Hello Everyone,

The past few months have been very depressing for me. Accidentally fracturing my leg, made my life literally a disaster. While recovering from the major surgery, post surgery exercises and now a bit of walking, I kept on blogging just to keep myself a bit busy and motivated. After all, there might be no one in the world for you, but your blog will always be there for you, wherein you can pour your heart out and follow your passion.

Ok, so coming back to the post, I have shopped for some products which I always wanted to grab. So basically the introduction part is the reason for the shopping (forever guilty!!). So without wasting much time let’s hop on to the shopping list. Before that dp check out my Plum Goodness Haul which I did in December/January

Diya Naturals (450 INR)
I had shopped with Diya Naturals before going on my vacation (which got extremely extended) that is in November 2017. I absolutely love the lip balm and the oats cleanser. As you all know I have a soft corner for powders cleansers and so far am loving this one.

Stay Wild Child Products (552 INR)
This brand was on my wishlist for so long, like from last year. So when I spotted the offer on Nykaa, I immediately grabbed the offer. I bought the Chamomile Night Cream and Neem Face Pack. The Chamomile Night Cream is infused with Aloe Vera and some amazing oils, whereas I love sniffing the Neem face pack as of now.

BioBloom Face Oil (380 INR)
When I read Shalini’s review of BioBloom Face Oil I knew I wanted it. Soon after that my fellow blogger and bestie Shwetali opened an Instagram store and this oil was up for selling. I just paid 300 INR with 80 INR shipping for the oil. And guess what Shwetali also sent me some freebies along with my purchase. Am super excited to try out The Nature’s Co Saffron Radiance Cream and NBB cream.

So this were my recent purchases and am as excited as you all are to use the products and review them for you all. Also according to the Instagram polls, I will be coming up with a list of top powder cleansers to use plus a DIY for all skin types. Till then take care and live life to the fullest.