My current skincare routine and products for clear and bright skin

After posting my first ever shelfie of my skincare products, I got many requests to do a detailed blog post on how the mentioned products work for me or how I use them. So I thought why not post the blog post soon while the topic is fresh in the mind of you guys. Also let me tell you the skin problems I have, acne scars, pigmentation near chin and mouth area (very little now), hormonal acne. So let’s get started on how the products fared for me and how I use them.

Face cleansers

Embar Facial Cleansing Grains – I switched to dry powder cleansers way back last year and my skin is loving it every bits. The Embar Facial Cleansing Grains are mild enough to scrub my face so I don’t use a face scrub separately. Moreover the powder cleanser sometimes I leave after using and it acts as a face pack too sometimes. 

W2 Orange Face Spa Foaming Face Wash – When am lazy to use powder cleansers, I use this, foaming cleansers! There I admit the truth. We are human beings are doing something which takes that extra mile surely makes us crave for an easy way to do things. This face wash makes my skin squeaky clean and soft, I however limit my usage just once a day. Detailed review coming soon.

Cleansing balm
DIY Cleansing balm – talk about the game changers in skincare and this is one of them. I truly believe oil cleansing the only thing you need if you want deep cleansing as well as skin nourishment. I use cleansing balm usually thrice a week as I don’t use makeup on a daily basis. I have posted a DIY of this so go on and read it to check how I use it. 

Serums or Facial oils
Svayam Natural Sesame Serum – I massage my face with this one to get rid of acne marks and pigmentation. Moreover my skin happily accepted it’s thick texture and I cannot be happier than this. I use it once a week or twice a week now after including the below serums, else I was using it daily at night.

Vya Naturals Vitamin C Serum – the new kid in my skincare regime and the game changer. This is my first stint with Vitamin C and am loving the effects on my skin. It gets rid of acne marks and pigmentation around the mouth and nose. I used it consistently for two week and then I discontinued usage for one week. Also I strictly use it during night only and I avoid regular, super regular usage as Vitamin C makes skin sensitive with prolonged usage. I still use this sometimes maybe 2-3 times a week.

No makeup, no filter, no edit

Prakrta Serum – The only serum I love sniffing and which loves me back by giving me a brightening effect each time I use it at night. Check detailed review linked above. Also this goes will with the day moisturiser I use.

Night cream
Stay Wild Child Chamomile Night Cream – this is a newbie in my regime and gives plump skin and shows effects even after waking up. Moreover this suits oily and normal skin more than dry skin and has anti aging benefits also without any harmful chemicals. I will be doing a review soon on this.

Day and Night Moisturiser
W2 Peach Moisturiser – this is a light weight moisturiser which even goes well with Prakrta Serum. I use this moisturiser during day or night time as it’s summers already and I need a very little quantity for each usage. Sometimes I skip my night cream and use this along with 2-3 drops of Prakrta Serum. Detailed review soon.

I keep on alternating between the serums, oils and moisturiser mention above during night as per my mood and need. The W2 Peach Moisturiser is for day use only along with Prakrta serum. I don’t like using oils during day in summers.

Face packs
Skinsense Natural Luxury Even complexion – this face pack is great for its detoxifying and rejuvenating properties and imparting an even toned skin as well. If you have oily skin do give this a try. Read detailed review linked above. I use this one usually twice a week

Plum Goodness Green Tea Clear Mask – The only product you need for all your acne problems. It takes away acne and works good as a spot treatment also. I will be doing a detailed review on this soon. I use Plum goodness mask only when I get breakouts.

Eye cream/oil
Veda Earth Under eye Corrector
I keep on rolling this one on my under eye area. But given the time I spend on my smartphone nothing seems to work on my under eye area. Guilty me!!

Uvmed SPF 50 – I quite like the fragrance of this sunscreen and since it’s summers I use this one regularly even if am confined to my home till am able to walk properly.

So I would like to clarify a few things about the products am using.

1) All products mentioned above are a part of present routine and all are devoid of parabens, mineral oil and other chemicals (except the SPF of course).
2) I use products according to my mood or my time schedule. I sometimes even skip my moisturiser during the day or the night cream so as to let my skin breathe.
3) Sometimes I use face packs daily if time permits and in the evenings I don’t like using any moisturiser or serums or oil on my face.
4) Also I never ever go to bed without washing my face and brushing my teeth 😂.

So that’s all about my current skincare routine and the products which have solved almost all my problems. Most of the products or you can say all of the products mentioned above are a repurchase for me if not an immediate repurchase. I have tried covering all parts and concerns regarding the products, if you still have any questions or queries ping me on Instagram or shoot me an e-mail on