Ida Naturals Natural Skin Glow Pack Review

I had purchased Ida Naturals Natural Skin Glow Pack long back and used the product half way through. But alas, I forgot to review it for you all lovely people. So as they say, better late than never, let’s head straight to the review.

Brand Claims
This Natural Skin Glow Pack is a 100% Herbal pack that can be applied on the face or body. This pack provides all the natural nutrients required for improving the growth of skin tissues, replacing dead skin cells and repairing skin damage. With regular application of Natural Skin Glow Pack, skin will start looking up – naturally healthy and glowing !
Ingredients : A rare combination of Wild Turmeric, Green Gram Flour, Vetiver, Davanam, Avaram Senna, Kapur Kachri, Rose petals, Champaka petals, Jasmine petals and many more…
My experience
The packaging is quite simple, plastic airtight tub with product information label on it. The jar is quite compact and travel friendly (oh yes I like to travel with my powder cleansers 😀). 
The product is grainy in nature with slight powdery as well as grainy particles. I totally the texture once I mix it with water for washing the face. The face pack has a herbal fragrance and has a light yellow colour. I usually waha my face twice or thrice with this pack and each time I use, it leaves my skin squeaky clean and soft even toned. I like massaging my face with the pack which works as a mild scrub as well as polishing thing.
After washing it off, skin becomes super soft, smooth and glowing. It removes all the dead skin cells and adds a glow to the skin. No wonder powder cleansers leave your skin super clean when used in the right way. I like scrubbing the face pack on the areas where I have some acne marks. This face pack when applied as a mask works similar to the cleansing action explained above, so i don’t like wasting my time using it as a face mask, instead I would use as a cleanser and save some amount of the product 😛. Overall speaking a must buy if you love using powder cleansers and want glowing skin.

The In
  • Powder cleanser which works great in cleansing the skin
  • Leaves the skin super soft and smooth
  • Amazing ingredients list
  • Dry form makes it easier to active and use whenever needed
  • Doesn’t contain any preservatives
  • Gives a glowing skin with each usage
  • A three in one product which works as a cleanser, scrub as well as a face pack
  • Secure and air tight packaging which is also travel friendly
The Out
  • I didn’t find any
Price, Shelf life and Availability – 30 gm – Rs. 200 INR. Product needs to be kept away from water and moisturise. Available for orders via Ida Naturals FB page and Email.
Ida Naturals Natural Skin Glow Pack is an amazing powder cleanser which does its job while giving the skin a nice glow. The mild grainy particles work as a scrub while giving the skin a soft and smooth look while removing dead skin cells. It is a must try powder cleanser if you love using powder cleansers. All in all a thumbs up product and yes it’s definitely on my repurchase list (although Priya should give me a discount for writing this review of my purchase order 😝)
*Product purchase

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