Svayam Natural Sesame Serum Review

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Today I will be reviewing Svayam Natural Sesame Serum with Almond oil and Saffron. I love using Almond oil for my skin, but have never used Sesame Oil for my skin. And yes can you see the Saffron stands at the bottom of the bottle. Before heading to the review let’s see how Sesame oil is beneficial for the skin

Sesame oil had followed benefits to offer for skin
  • Filled with anti-inflammatory properties
  • Repairs damaged skin cells
  • Slows down aging
  • Acts as a moisturiser and softener for body skin
  • Perfect choice for massage oil
Brand claims – Prevents facial pigmentation and wrinkles

Ingredients – Sesame oil, Almond oil, Saffron

Directions for Usage –

My experience
The product is packed in a square shaped plastic bottle with a metallic screw cap and a plastic stopper. The usage of such bottle is a bit difficult, but I made a small piercing in the stopper to dispense the oil. Nonetheless the package light, travel friendly and non leaking. 

The Sesame serum is a thick oil, with an earthy fragrance. No wonder it’s thick due to its major ingredient Sesame oil. I quite like the fragrance which fades away immediately once the oil gets absorbed into the skin. I like sniffing the fragrance, it’s like cold shower on a hot sand 😍. The oil looks yellowish in the bottle, but it has a very faint yellow tint once you dispense a small quantity.

Now coming to the effects, I am surprised and super impressed with the results of this serum and the credit goes to the ingredients in the serum. We all are aware of the benefits of Almond oil as well as Saffron for skin. What is unexplored is benefits of Sesame oil.

I have used the Sesame Serum for almost 3 weeks at a stretch to test it’s efficiency. The oil being thick, I thought would be heavy for my oily acne prone skin, I was wrong! Initially it feels like we have applied a heavy oil, but it gets absorbed fully after 4-5 minutes. I have used the Sesame serum exactly as mentioned by the brand, leaving it overnight and sometimes using it day time after leaving it on for 30 minutes.

The Sesame serum has reduced my fresh acne marks while also reducing pigmentation under my lower lip. Also with the regular usage of this serum, I experienced almost zero breakouts this month. If you know my skin, I get hormonal acne every month. Also it has reduced the size of one big hormonal acne, with regular night time massage. However I haven’t noticed any changes in the laugh lines and it works slowly on the old acne marks.

After using it overnight, skin feels plumped up and soft as baby skin in the morning. During day time it makes the skin soft, but leaving it overnight is my preferred way of using the oil. Sometimes I used to massage a lot of oil into the skin, still it didn’t make my skin oily or didn’t cause any breakouts. I am happy with the results I have got with the Sesame Serum and would highly the product to those who are looking for an affordable serum.

The In
  • Amazing ingredients list
  • Compact, travel friendly and leak proof packaging
  • Reduces fresh acne marks as fast as in two days
  • Reduces current breakouts while helping in recurring them further
  • Gives a nice glow to the skin 
  • Makes the skin soft and smooth with regular usage

The Out
  • It would be great if the stopper comes with an inbuilt piercing for dispensing the serum

Price, Shelf life and Availability – 525 INR for 100 ml. Available on major shopping portals like Amazon, Flipkart, ShopClues

I am super happy with the Svayam Natural Sesame Serum as it’s a result driven product. It not only is a multi tasker product but also an affordable one. I will love purchasing this one next time and would highly recommend you all to give it a try and reap the benefits of the ingredients in the Serum.

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