Svayam Natural Ubtan Body Scrub Review

Svayam Natural brand is quite a promising one. I have reviewed their products few weeks back and I feel beauty is simplicity is quite apt for the brand. Also, almost all of their products are moderately priced keeping in mind the quantity offered. I have had a chance to review another superb product of theirs whose review we will be checking out today.

Svayam Natural Ubtan Body Scrub Review

Brand claims
Flawless Skin | Soft Supple Skin

besan, kesar, chandan, amba-haldi, almonds, marigold, elaichi & oats

Add curd, water and few drops of oil to make a creamy paste. Apply evenly. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes. Rub off and rinse.

My experience with Svayam Natural Ubtan Body Scrub
The packaging is similar to all of their face pack and scrubs, that is a glass jar. I like the packaging as the jar can be reused, but it’s a non travel friendly packaging. Moreover, the product is 300 gms pack so it’s a bit bulky too. Nonetheless as long as the product works I don’t mind non travel friendly and bulky packaging, as we can always transfer some amount of product in another container while travelling.

Coming back to the review, the product has a light yellow colour with besan like texture and consistency. No wonder, the first ingredient of the ubtan is besan. The fragrance of the ubtan has mild sandalwood fragrance coupled with besan. The fragrance isn’t very strong but is pleasant in nature.

Once mixed with water the ubtan looks besan mixed with water. Application is a bit difficult due to the grainy texture. Once applied the ubtan dries up quickly and gives a stretchy feeling to the skin. The ubtan when used as a scrub scrubs off all dead skin cells, dirt, grime to reveal smooth and soft skin. When used as a face pack on face, it gives a glowing skin along with softness. I have used the ubtan around 5-6 times and I was impressed with the results each time. I love using it more as an ubtan rather than fave pack, yes I have that habit of multi tasking the products. Overall the ubtan works great as a scrub and can be used for abhyang snan also.

The In 

  • All natural product without any preservatives and chemicals
  • Impressive ingredients list
  • Ubtan scrubs off dead skin cells and reveals soft skin
  • Works great as a face pack too
  • Gives a subtle glow to the skin when used as face pack
  • Mild fragrance which is uplifting and doesn’t linger much
  • Affordable price
  • Quantity offered according to price is appropriate

The Out

  • Would be great if product is packed in small quantity jars such as 100gms
  • Ubtan feels majorly as a besan, instead of other ingredients

Price, Shelf life and Availability – 525 INR for 300 gms with a shelf life of 2 months. Available on, Snapdeal and Flipkart. Although I feel the product can have longer shelf life if stored in cool and dry place.

I would recommend Svayam Natural Ubtan as a scrub and which can be used in Abhyang Snan. The product doesn’t contain any preservatives or chemicals and is all natural. So it can be used without a doubt. I wouldn’t repurchase the product due to the large quantity offered at one go as finishing 300 gms is quite a task.