Budget Friendly Face Masks To Grab This Summer Season for Oily Acne Prone Skin

Oily acne prone skin is a bit problematic once the summer season sets in. The sweat attracts dirt, dust to the existing impurities, making deep cleansing a must.
Deep cleansing oily, acne prone skin is not only a must but also a necessity to keep acne at bay. Using face masks for rejuvenation as well revitalization help in maintaining glow of the skin.
Face masks with clays, tea tree essential oil, glycolic acid help oily acne prone in reducing acne as well as oil secretion. So today’s post is about the budget friendly face masks for oily skin. 
Let me tell you, each face mask listed below is tried and tested and not a single face mask will disappoint you if you purchase it.
Budget Friendly Face Masks To Grab This Summer Season for Oily Acne Prone Skin

Budget Friendly Face Masks for Oily Acne Prone Skin in India

  • Burst of Happyness What A Girl Wants Clay Cleanser
  • Auravedic Anti Blemish Face Mask
  • Plum Goodness Green Tea Clear Mask
  • Natural Bath And Body French Red Clay
  • Mittise Aloe Clay Cleanser

Burst of Happyness What A Girl Wants Clay Cleanser

Although the name says a cleanser, the product works best as a mask. With the added goodness of Jojoba oil and tea tree essential oil, it not only helps remove impurities but also banishes acne. It can also double up as a cleanser in summer season. What’s more? Quantity goes a long way and regular usage may last upto 3-4 months. Not bad, right?
Price and Quantity – 470 INR for 100 gms
My all time favourite product! The only product which I have repurchased over and over is Auravedic Anti Blemish Face Mask. It leaves the skin squeaky clean while reducing the hormonal acne. It’s a budget friendly mask I would suggest for the upcoming summer season.
Price and Quantity – 400 INR for 100 gms
A little heavy on pockets and too good on skin is Plum Goodness Green Tea Clear Mask. It leaves the skin super duper clean and soft while reducing acne. It shows results from first use itself, and if you are into vegan skincare do give this product a try. I will soon be posting a review of this.
Price and Quantity – 490 INR for 60 gms
NBB clay mask reduces the oil secretion of oily acne prone skin and is beneficial in reducing pores too. I like the way this face mask gives a glow to the skin while removing dirt. One problem with the mask is it dries up quickly and sometimes leaves the skin dry, when left for long time.
Price and Quantity – 450 INR for 100ml
Mittise Aloe Clay Cleanser is sort of a magnet for oily, dull skin which sucks out dirt and leaves the skin purified and clean. The product also works as a cleanser but shows best results when used as thick mask. Moreover, the quantity offered for the price point is way more. I am quite sure this product won’t disappoint you at all.
Price and Quantity – 220 INR for 80 gms
So this was a list of budget friendly face mask for oily acne prone skin in India to bank on this summer season. Have you tried any of the above face masks? Do comment below your favourites.
Hope you find the list of budget friendly face mask for oily acne prone skin in India useful

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