Get Glowing Skin This Wedding Season

Marriage is one of the important life occasions wherein one wants best of everything to happen. Best attire, best food, best photographer and videographer and moreover we want to look our very best on the D day. Marriage is a day wherein the eyes of the guests are all hooked on to the bride and the groom. 

Today we will be discussing the skincare tips to be followed by a bride-to-be (no we aren’t telling about eating healthy food or staying hydrated) for glowing skin on the D day. We will be focusing more on the skincare products which you use rather than the routine to be followed atleast 3 months before marriage. So without wasting much time let’s hop onto the list and get our skincare routine sorted before the big day arrives.

Identify your star skincare products 
We all have our favourite products which work really well for us and which we often repurchase. Identify such products and try sticking to them at least 3 months before marriage. Doing so, you are minimizing the risk of possible breakouts or rashes or any skin irritations occurring due to trying out new products. Make a list of these products for your whole skincare routine and stick to them. 

Try double cleansing or oil cleansing for clearer skin 
Oil cleansing has been the talk of the town for quite a while for some amazing reasons. Try oil cleansing method regularly, no matter if you wear makeup or not. It deep cleanses the skin and gets rid of impurities. Find a good cleansing balm or use any of your favourite facial oil for oil cleansing followed with your foaming cleanser.

Use ubtans regularly
Ubtans have been used in India since ages to cleanse and detox the skin. Use ubtans to get rid of the tan on hands and feet. They not only help in giving a glow to the skin but also keep skin soft and healthy. Try using face ubtans once in a while to get the natural glow.

Don’t experiment with new products
Please don’t experiment with new products during this crucial time. Just because a product works for your BFF or other bride to be, doesn’t mean it will work for you also. You don’t want to end up with an acne on face which won’t budge till your marriage is over.

Use face masks regularly
Grab your favourite face masks and use them regularly. If you have any pigmentation or acne scars products which target the problem. If it’s winter season avoid clay masks which can be drying. Face masks rejuvenate as well as cleanse the skin thoroughly. Also make sure you moisturise your skin sufficiently after using a face mask.

Use a good eye cream regularly 
We often forget to use eye cream on a regular basis. Under eye area is often ignored and then we have to dab concealer and colour correctors to get rid of them. So make sure you keep yourself well hydrated and get adequate sleep before the D day. We know it’s hard to run errands during this time, but use your eye creams daily.

Use a serum or facial oil
If you are already into using serums or facial oils, you are on the right track. Facial Oils or serums help in giving a supple skin along with some added benefits. If you are not into facial oils then don’t experiment much with finding a new one. Just use your favourite facial oil and you are all set. Please remember don’t experiment with any new regimen or new products whatsoever.

Get your bridal makeup sorted in advance
Book your bridal makeup artists well in advance as good makeup artists get booked out fast. Talk to your MUA about your skin concerns and the kind of makeup you are looking for. They can also suggest some tips for your skin and the precautions to be taken for flawless makeup. Get your makeup trial done in advance, to avoid last minute hurry. 

As they say skin is the canvas for the makeup, it’s imperative to keep skin healthy and problem free for a bride-to-be. Proper skincare regimen and right skincare products go a long way in keeping skin happy and glowing. Hope the points mentioned above help you in giving the bridal glow. Do comment your queries and experiences below.