Embar Facial Cleansing Grains Review

Quite often while using a scrub I feel they are a bit harsh and don’t work on white heads. While browsing through Facebook I came across a page named Embar Store which had a Facial Cleansing Grains image put up on their Facebook page. I immediately contacted them to buy it, but it would be out of stock as soon as the brand would make it. After some months I again contacted them and Sapna, the brand owner was kind enough to send me a free facial soap to make up for the delay. So let’s take a look at the Embar store Facial Cleansing Grains Review.

Walnut, Almond, Oats, Herbs and French Green Clay
My experience 
The product is packed in a seal up packet which also has a see through area. I liked the idea of the packaging as this requires a lesser space as well as we don’t end up using a plastic or glass jar. But we must make it a point to tighten the seal everytime we use. Else it may turn moist and hence to avoid all this I always store my skincare products in a dark and cool place like my cupboard drawer.
Now coming to the consistency of the product it is powdery form with some tiny granules. I cannot make out which granules they are after going through the ingredients list. The cleansing grains don’t easily mix up with water and take time to absorb water, this maybe due to the French green clay in it. While using I make a smooth paste and scrub my face in light circular motions and leave it for a minute or so. The cleansing grains instantly dry up, without drying your beautiful skin. While washing off the grains come off easily and we don’t have to wash often to rinse the residue.
Now coming to the fragrance, the fragrance initially is not so pleasant when we mix with water. But once you apply and rinse off, the fragrance turns out to be extremely pleasing to the senses. I was amazed at this quality of the cleansing grains.
Coming to the cleansing part and scrubbing part, the cleansing grains do their job perfectly well. The scrubbing effect is enough to remove dead skin cells and white heads too. The scrub particles even though tiny in size are perfect for the sensitive facial skin. The cleansing grains leave a nuce glow onto your skin which lasts for about 1 hour or so. Most importantly it cleanses the skin in a nice and gentle manner. The ingredients when used consistently are very good for the skin.

The In
  • Impressive ingredients list
  • Cleanses the skin thoroughly well
  • Very small quantity needed for each use
  • Doubles up as a cleanser as well as a scrub
  • Works amazingly well as a mask too
  • No preservatives added
  • Activate the product when you want
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Perfect consistency of the cleanser
The Out
  • Quantity provided according to price is a bit less
  • Seal up pack needed to be closed carefully each time
Price, Shelf life and Availability – 400 INR for 75 gms. No shelf life mentioned. Available on orders via Embar Store Facebook page
Recommendation of Embar Store Facial Cleansing Grains Review
I would highly recommend the Embar Facial Cleansing Grains for those who are looking to use powder cleansers. Moreover the product is a multi tasker which acts as a scrub and can also be used as a face pack. I am sure to repurchase this product as I love it to the core. Kudos to Embar for making this one.