Top 10 gifts for this Children’s Day

In my college and school days, I used to cringe at my Mom’s unnecessary worry (which I thought was unnecessary) and my Mom used to say, you will know once you have kids. I used to laugh and brush off her remarks. But now after becoming a Mom to a naughty kiddo, I can literally feel that ‘Being a Mom is like allowing your heart to walk around’. Now you may say why suddenly am stressing this or penning my thoughts.

Children’s day is approaching and as a parent I feel we often keep the celebration restricted to school. Kids often feel and think that we as today’s parents, are a bit strict with them. Kids love it when parents stop being their usual strict and become kids again and play or spend time with them. So why not make this Children’s day special for your kid and make them forgot the strict parents that we are (for a while). Today we will be checking the gifting ideas for Children’s Day which also double up as  Birthday Gifts. So without wasting much time let’s hop onto the gift list wagon

Plant a tree or shrub with the child
There is no greater lesson and joy than being cared and becoming a caring person. This Children’s Day plant a tree or shrub with your child and involve then in gardening activities. Some plant nurseries even allow you to plant a tree and name it after you. Children will love the idea of a tree being named after them. If you have a gallery or terrace at your disposal plant a small shrub and attach your child’s name to it. Teach them to water and care for it.

Get a Pet
If possible get a Pet at home this Children’s Day. Children love the company of animals and it also teaches them humane values. They say children grow up to be more responsible and understanding when brought up with a pet.
NB – Take due care of sanitizing the hands of the child an overall sanitization if you have a pet at home or are planning to get one.

Your valuable time
In an age of social media and technology parents are often spotted checking on their phones. Indulge uto some valuable time to be spent with your kid. They will love it. Children have so much to say and all they need is an ear to hear. Do some activities with them, ask them questions, cook food with them (with due care), laugh and have fun this Children’s Day.

Dough Clays
Clays can be a wonderful gift for the children as well as will develop their fine motor skills. Get some 4-5 colour clays and ask them or help them to make shapes, animals, fruits out of it. My son totally loves this activity and I can bet on this to be superb gift.

Who can say no to chocolates? Elder ones, young at heart and children of all age groups like chocolates. One of the most popular chocolate brand in India is Cadbury. But while gifting chocolates this Children’s Day, please make sure not to spoil the kid too much.

Wooden toys
Wooden toys have been used over the ages as children’s toys. This Children’s Day also help save the earth by not getting any plastic toys.

Visit to a farm or bakery or zoo
Chulare happiest when they go out in open air. Plan a trip to a farm or nearby bakery or zoo. Click pictures and have fun. This way you will also be able to spend some quality time with you fanuku and the Mom in the house also gets a breather from cooking 😀

Photo frame with the photograph of the child in younger days
Nothing is better than an old picture. Take the best pictures out if your album and make them into another frame and gift it. This will be a forever gift the child willl cherish.

Gift a piggy bank
Gifting a piggy bank may sound boring to you, but this does carry a message of saving money. Discuss the importance of money with your child and how saving money is a good idea. Start at an early age.

Gift some healthy snacking options or fruits
Explain the importance of good health to your child. It not only helps them in explaining your choice of food to them but also helps them make a healthy food choice.

Also, please remember, it is okay to let lose your child some days. In today’s age we are over worried and anxious parents. Although we are not to be blamed since the high-tech and busy lives we all live. Once in a while spending a day other than your routine day or holiday is a good breather for you as well as the kids. I hope I was able to give you some gifting ideas for this Children’s Day.

*I am not a health practitioner or parent adviser, so please check with your paediatrician as to what is best for your child keeping in mind their health and concerns.