Quinta Essentia Organic Rose and Vanilla Face Scrub Review

Today we will be checking a review of Quint Essentia Organic Rose and Vanilla Face Scrub which claims to be good for skin and is made up of all organic ingredients. Let’s head straight to the review.

Brand claims and Ingredients

My experience
I have received the product in a cut out packaging which isn’t resealable. So we need to store the product in another empty jar or in an air tight container. However this is a sample size product, so I ain’t complaining. Although I didn’t find any information regarding this scrub on their website as well as the full size packaging details.

Now coming to the product, the scrub is grainy in nature which isn’t harsh at all when rubbed vigorously also. The scrub has a sweet vanilla fragrance coupled with a hint of rose. The fragrance is beyond description and you should feel or experience it to believe how amazing it is.

Now coming to the effects of the scrub, the scrub, it effectively removes the dead skin cells and makes the skin smooth each usage. After scrubbing we get a clean and fresh feeling to the skin. I tried applying it like a face pack also, after recently being obsessed with multi tasking products (read powder cleansers). But application of a scrub as face pack is a but difficult as the grains keep on falling, still I did and I was pretty impressed with the results.

Using it as a face pack for 2-3 minutes and then scrubbing revealed a very soft and smooth skin. Also the skin gets a very nuce glow which lasts some 1 or one and half hour. Overall I was pretty impressed with the Quinta Essentia Organic Rose and Vanilla Face Scrub as a good face scrub for all skin types. Moreover the ingredients are natural and organic so we don’t have to worry about any nasty chemicals being used up on our face.

The In

  • Contains skin loving ingredients which are organic
  • Gives an instant glow to the skin which lasts for around one hour
  • Has mesmerizing fragrance of rose coupled with vanilla
  • Will suit all skin types although it’s meant for dry/mature skin
  • Can be made into a face scrub according to the skin type by adding with milk, rose water, plain water etc
  • Acts as a cleanser as well as scrub also
  • Makes the skin soft and smooth
  • Product is value for money

The Out

  • Would be great if the quantity offered at the current price would be a but more
  • Convenient and reusable sample packaging would also be an added advantage

Price, shelf life and Availability – 525 INR for 50 ml. Shelf life not mentioned. Can be checked on http://www.quintaessentiaorganic.com/

Quinta Essentia Organic Rose and Vanilla Face Scrub would be aptly called food for skin after taking a look at the ingredients. Moreover the ingredients are organic in nature and the product performs a dual job of cleansing as well as scrubbing. I will recommend the product if you are into organic skincare as very few brands offer totally organic skincare.

*PR sample

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