Radiant In Rain – VanityCask July 2017 Edition

Am back with another Unboxing of VanityCask Box and this is the Fifth Edition of VanityCask. The box is named Radiant In Rain, which is curated, so as to leave you glowing in this gloomy weather. I really like how they name their editions keeping them in accordance with the contents. VanityCask box is priced at 999 INR for one month. You can also subscribe to the other plans which offer a discount.

We all know how the rainy season is, especially for our mane. It makes our hair dull and limp due to the humidity. The humidity weather also calls for rapid bacteria growth which when not eradicated turn into moth formation, yucky right?? That’s why VanityCask have curated the products keeping all this in mind. They have included a leave in conditioner, volumizing shampoo, two scrubs and an oil. Let’s see the details of the box contents.

BBlunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave in Cream
I have never used any leave in conditioner apart from the Garnier one, let alone BBlunt. I always wanted to try the brand BBlunt and am gald I received this cream. I recently chopped off my hair to shoulder length and not all times I like to apply oil. This one seems good and am excited to try it out. This is a full size product in the box and priced at 250 INR for 75 gms.

TNC Barley Volumizing Hair Cleanser
I never used to believe volumizing shampoos until I used one and that is Bon Organics shampoo. This one also sounds amazing and I have read some of my fellow bloggers good experience with this product. The size of the product is 50 ml and full size of 250 ml retails at 695 INR

Votre Advanced Gel Exfoliance
I have used this product after receiving the box. It gives a nice smooth finish to the skin while removing the dead skin cells. It also adds a glow to the face. The product quantity in the box is 30 gms and full size of 100 gms is priced at 850 INR.

Gulnare Zesty Lemond Face Exfoliator
After using the Gulnare Aloe Vit E Face cream from the Flawless Edition of VanityCask Box lats month, I have high expectations from this one. I haven’t used it but the scrub is in dry form and I love using dry form products. Full size product of 100 gms retails at 650 INR. In the box the quantity of the product is 30 gms.

MoroccanOil Treatment
The star product of the box, Moroccan oil. The box has the quantity of 10 ml. The product is infused with antioxidant rich argan oil. It can be used as a conditioner, styling product or finishing one. I am excited to try out the product. The full size is priced at 2880 INR for 100 ml

VanityCask box also has launched a referral program wherein if two of your friends buy the box with your referral code you get one box for free. If 4 friends buy the box, you get 2 boxes free. So is login to your VanityCask account on VanityCask.com to share and claim your unique referral code.

All in all I liked this month box keeping in mind the weather and the brands included. I always wanted to try BBlunt and Moroccan treatment products which wouldn’t have been possible due to the high price point. But VanityCask has come to the rescue. Get your Radiant In Rain Edition before it’s sold out.