How to Prevent Hair loss, balding due to Anxiety and Stress

One of the lesser known reasons for hair loss and balding is the stress people take in their daily lives. Whether it is physical stress due to over load of physical work or the psychological stress due to emotional, financial, societal issues at work, home or elsewhere, the stress consumed by people is at the maniacal levels. This stress level also causes hormonal imbalance, which leads to gradual decrease in the hair growth and slowly leads to baldness.

Types of hair loss due to stress
Anxiety is a prolonged form of stress and one is always related to the other no matter the technical difference between the two. And both combine to hunt the hair and cause disastrous results. There are generally three types for hair losses which can be attributed to stress:
·         Telogen Effluvium: When you are suffering from severe stress, your hair follicles become unfunctional which impacts the hair growth. Gradually in the next few months, you start experiencing hair loss of higher proportions during a simple wash or combing.
·         Trichotilomania: It is a form of disorder which compels you to pull your hair from all parts of body. It is not known why it happens but the speculation is that pulling a hair as an action helps the person in dealing with high levels of stress which could have been triggered due to emotional or psychological issues
·         Alopecia Areata: In a strange follow through of events, in this condition the stress causes such an impact on the immune system that it starts attacking the healthy follicles and causes hair loss. This is also called auto-immune effect
What are signs of hair loss?
Hair loss comes with signs which should be paid attention to and that too on time so that it can be taken care of.
·         Hair starts thinning
·         You see hair on your pillow each time you rest you head on it
·         Front hair line starts receding in men
·         More than usual skin is visible while pulling or partition of hair
·         Women’s hair brushes catch a lot more hair than normal
·         Women have to tie an additional loop while tying their hair. This is also associated with the thinning of hair in women

Reasons for hair loss due to stress
Stress activates a lot of changes in the body functions which then interfere with the hormones.
·         Hormonal changes in the body caused due to stress affects the hair growth and since stress hormones are powerful, they can easily result in hair loss
·         Stress affects your sleeping pattern and may cause lack of sleep which again tampers your usual performance at work or in life eventually leading to hair loss
·         Anxiety related stress kills your hunger or makes you feel like avoiding food. Lack of proper and timely diet reduces the supply of nutrition to body which in turn weakens your hair
·         Some people under duress tend to pull their hair as a means to fight stress (just like nail chewing) and that also causes hair loss if done regularly
·         Stressed body produces toxins which also affect the hair follicles and weaken them. Weak follicles do not generate hair at a healthy speed and cause hair loss
Steps to control stress related hair loss
·         Get a proper sleep for atleast 7-8 hours and allow your body to rest well to counter the stress related hair fall.
·         Eat healthy and drink a lot of water. It gives your body more energy to fight with stress and strengthens your hair enough to not let them fall
·         Exercise regularly, do Yoga, start running as these things release the stress injected toxins from the body and reduce the stress by a great extent
·         Stress is also caused due to a major physical change in the body such as accidents, a major illness or even child birth. Your body deserves time to embrace the change and allow yourself to recover without fretting over it. The incidents cannot be reversed but stress related hair loss can be.
·         You might want to check if the medicines you are taking during stressed days are adding to the hair loss. Consult your doctor and have them changed
·         Give yourself a good dose of Vitamin B and cut down on Vitamin A as it can cause hair loss
Do all of the above religiously and you can easily reverse the hair loss caused due to stress.
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