Artisanal Skincare Orange Blossom Face Cleansing Powder Review

From the past 2 months I am using powder cleansers and I am totally loving the change. Contrary to popular belief, foaming cleansers dry out the skin and in turn the skin secrets excess oil. Even if the foaming cleanser doesn’t dry out the skin, it still robs the skin of it’s natural oil. Ever since I have embraced powder cleansers I get just one breakout per month, as opposed to the earlier 3-4 breakouts with foaming cleansers.

After reviewing the JivaVrksa dry powder face wash today, I am reviewing another one from a well known brand. Let’s head straight to the review and see how the Artisanal Skincare Orange Blossom Face Cleansing Powder fairs.

About Artisanal Skincare

There is something magical about the word ‘handmade’, isn’t it? It stands for uniqueness, personalisation, and discernment – all of which Artisanal Skincare embodies. Our range of skincare and wellness products are not only handmade, but limited edition as well. We produce them in small quantities and without any preservatives, in order to stay true to the inherent goodness of the ingredients. 
Our products are not traditional but come from tradition and from our belief that what you cannot eat should not be put on your skin. The oils, herbs, and spices that go into our creations are sourced from all over India – from Himachal to Kerala – with some even coming from across the oceans, which is why the end result is near perfect. Each eco-friendly, natural ingredient has neither preservatives nor chemicals – just pure, authentic skin care.

Brand claims – Made with real orange peels, sandalwood powder, neem and other natural ingredients, this is a perfect replacement for your everyday face wash / soap. It’s gentle and safe for your face without any chemicals. It will leave your skin cleansed of all the impurities without making it dry or rough. Use it everyday at night. Follow it up with our anti-oxidant facial serum or a night cream.

Ingredients – Green Gram Powder, Neem, Rice Flour, Basil, Orange Peels, Kasthuri Munjal, Sandalwood, Garbanzo Bean Flour

My experience
The face cleansing powder is packed in a simple plastic jar with a black lid and an inner opaque lid. The inner lid prevents the product wastage which is caused while opening the lid. The packaging is simple and travel friendly. I like how simple and rustic look, the product label has, nothing fancy just authentic.

Now coming to the actual product, the cleansing powder is a fine powder with some granular ingredients, it is not fully powdered form. The cleansing powder has a fragrance of soil with a herbal hint, like the sprinkle of water on hot soil. I like the fragrance as well as the consistency of the cleansing powder.

I have used the cleansing powder continuously twice a day without using any foaming cleansers, and I must say am very impressed with this one. To use I make a paste with water and gently use in upward circular motions and rinse with water.

The cleansing powder makes the skin soft and smooth, while making it clean and fresh. The granular ingredients in the cleansing powder work as a scrub ( they are gentle enough to be used daily). With continuous usage, I have got rid of white heads, which I often have on my nose. The cleansing powder removes excess oil as well as dirt and dead skin cells.

The cleansing powder doesn’t dry out the skin at all. I have also noticed a slight change in the pigmentation which I have below my lower lip. However I don’t expect a cleanser to cure my pigmentation and the product doesn’t even claim to do so. As is I have already ditched my foaming cleansers, so using this one is not a problem for me. I would definitely love trying another cleansing powder from this brand.

The In

  • Contain skin loving ingredients
  • Cleanses the skin well while removing duet, excess oil and dead skin cells
  • Makes the skin soft and smooth with each usage
  • Clears white heads with regular usage
  • Reduces breakouts (I experienced zero breakouts while using this face cleansing powder 💕💕)
  • Can be used as a face mask and also double up as a mild scrub
  • A very little amount is needed for each use

The Out

  • Some may find it pricey, but the quantity will last longer

Price, Shelf life and Availability – 650 INR for 100 gms with a shelf of 6 months after opening.

I would totally recommend the Artisanal Skincare Orange Blossom Face Cleansing Powder as a replacement of your everyday soap/ cleanser for face. I am already eyeing their collection of powder cleansers and would definitely get my hands on another one.

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