Rooted Rhassoul Clay Review

Clays are used since ages to treat skin as well as hair. Moreover each clay has some special properties and are used for specific purposes. One common thing about all clays is that they absorb toxins, dirt while reducing sebum and leaving behind thoroughly cleansed skin. Let’s see the review of Rooted Rhassoul Clay

Brand claims – Nature’s own awesome face mask and mud wrap. Mined in the Atlas mountains in Morocco, this nature’s wonder is rich in minerals like silica, iron, magnesium, potassium and sodium. An extremely gentle cleaner, it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, acne prone skin. Wonderful to keep blackheads at bay. Will give you a soft glow immediately after use.

Directions for usage –
Combine with our rosewater hydrosol and honey for a quick and easy DIY.

Ingredients – Moroccan Rhassoul Clay

My experience
The product is packed in a plastic tub with screw top. Beneath the screw top there is inner lid to prevent leakage or product wastage. It is a very convenient packaging which allows us to take the product via wooden spoon or spatula. The clay is beige in colour and an earthy fragrance very minimal though.

I applied a thin layer of the clay made by combined the Rooted Rose Water Hydrosol. I washed off the mask after the it was semi dry, I usually do that will all face masks. As the face mask dries up the clay gives a stretchy feeling. If used continuously every alternate day it dries up the skin a bit, but nothing which a moisturiser or a cream can cure. So this would be ideal for summers and for oily acne prone skin.

After washing off the face mask the black heads on my nose appeared less prominent. My face was glowing and skin looked clear. My skin had an even tone which lasted for around 3-4 hours and white heads seemed less oily. It also softens the dead skin cells which can be exfoliated using a soft towel. I thoroughly enjoyed using the Rhassoul Clay. I have used clay based products in the past but this was my first time experience of using a standalone clay, barring Multani Mitti. Rooted Rhassoul Clay would be great product for oily acne prone skin during summers.

The In 

  • Absorbs impurities and toxins from skin (basic quality of a clay)
  • Gives bright and glowing skin, temporarily
  • Black heads appear less prominent after just one use of it
  • Removes excess sebum 
  • Thoroughly cleanses the skin and leaves it soft
  • Softens the dead skin for easy exfoliating
  • A thin layer of mask does the trick so little goes a long way
  • Can be used for DIY as you like it

The Out

  • Might dry out the skin if used excessively

Price, shelf life and Availability – 375 INR for 50gms with a shelf life of 1 years. Available on

I would highly recommend the Rooted Rhassoul Clay for removing the impurities and absorbing the toxins from the facial skin. Moreover they make the appearance of black heads less prominent. It can also be used with essential oils like tea tree and Rosemary to heal and cure acne. Skincare Villa highly recommends use of Rooted Rhassoul Clay.

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