Maduban Natural Products Pomegranate Face Pack Review

 Let see how the Maduban Natural Products Pomegranate Face Pack lives up to its claim. I am keeping this review simple without much of my blabbering as this face pack has impressed me very much.

Brand claims
A revitalizing fruit face pack made with highly concentrated extracts of pomegranate, amla (indian gooseberry), papaya and high quality Fuller’s Earth. No fragrances or colors have been used in the formulation.

Pomegranate whole fruit extract, Papaya whole fruit extract, Amla whole fruit extract & Fuller’s earth

My experience
The face pack is packed in a cardboard box and contains a zip seal bag inside. I like how simple the packaging is and seal bag prevents the contact of face pack with air.

The face pack is very coarse in consistency, that being said the face pack contains whole fruit extracts of pomegranate and papaya. This prevents even application of the face pack. However as long as the face pack doesn’t contain any additives and preservatives that shouldn’t be a cumbersome problem.

I applied the face pack mixed with plain water. The face pack takes time to dry up, as is I never let my face packs dry completely. The face pack has a peculiar fragrance of dried pomegranate which obviously is not so pleasant. Once you apply the face pack and sit the fragrance is not bothering. As and when you move around after applying the face pack, with the air swaying around you the fragrance appears to be strong. Once you read the below after effects of the pack, I bet you won’t even mind the fragrance😛.

Coming to the effects of the face pack, it gives an instant glow to the skin which remains all day long. The face pack contains papaya and pomegranate both being high in vitamins, iron and anti oxidants. The face pack leaves the skin smooth and even toned, so much that you cannot keep your hands off your face.

Some may find the fragrance bothering, but keeping in mind the efficiency of the face pack it’s ignorable. Maduban pomegranate face pack is a highly recommended face pack if you are looking to feed  your skin some real antioxidants and get real glowing skin.

The In

  • Contains pomegranate and papaya whole fruit extracts
  • Contains Amla and Fuller’s Earth
  • Gives a day long glow to the skin
  • Doubles up as a mild scruehile washing off
  • Makes the skin smooth and even toned
  • Free from chemicals, additives or preservatives and fragrance
  • 100% Pure & Natural

The Out

  • If possible the fragrance can be made a little pleasing

Price, Shelf life and Availability – 225 INR for 50gms with a shelf life of 12 months. Available on Maduban Natural website, although I bought it from

Ignoring the fact that the fragrance us a bit bothering, Maduban pomegranate face pack is a highly recommended face pack if you are looking to feed  your skin some real antioxidants and get real glowing skin.

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