Votre Absolute Hydration Moisturiser Review

I had always wanted to try Votre brand and my dream has come true with VanityCask subscription box. I received a 50 ml sample of Votre Absolute Hydration Moisturiser in the first VanityCask subscription box and after using it for around 15 days am posting my review.
Votre Absolute Hydration Moisturiser Review

Votre Absolute Hydration Moisturiser Review
Brand claims
Absolute hydration is a rich, yet light weight lotion that helps revive dry, dehydrated skin with a bust of invigorating moisture. Nourishing wheat germ oil, pro-vitamin b5 and apricot kernel oil envelopes skin in a way of long lasting hydration, leaving the skin feeling smooth, soft and more beautiful than ever. (normal to dry skin type) a soothing rich hydration cream for the face and body. This ultimate hydrating cream is an ultra hydrating formula that provides long-lasting hydration and comfort to the face and body. Ideal for normal to dry skin, this lotion is rich with goodness of licorice which gives a fairer & even toned skin while wheat-germ & apricot gives a well hydrated, supple & soft skin. 100% vegetarian /vegan, non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), hypo-allergenic ( all skin types ), dermatologically tested, clinically tested, formulated without petroleum’s & dyes, peta certified, buav certified, cruelty free, micro biologically & analytically tested.
Key Ingredients -Wheat-germ oil (Vitamin E), Pro-vitamin B5, Prunus armeniaca oil (Avocado oil) and Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice), Base q.s.
My experience –
The moisturiser is packaged in a plastic  jar packaging with a twist cap. Mine is a sample sized product, but the full size is packaged in a pump up bottle pack. The moisturiser is milky white in colour and has a subtle artificial fragrance. The fragrance is not at all bothering and remains for some time after applying the moisturiser.
The texture of the moisturiser is a bit grainy and consistency is very thin, rather it is somewhat like lotion. The moisturiser is light weight and spreads easily on to the skin and gets easily absorbed in the skin. It doesn’t leave an oily residue behind. One day in a hurry I applied excess quantity and was roaming outside the whole day, still the moisturiser didn’t make my skin look or feel oily. A little more quantity of moisturiser is required for the whole face if you have a dry skin. Oily and normal skin are good to go with less quantity.
After applying the moisturiser for sometime we feel that something has been applied to the skin. The skin feels hydrated, smooth but not even toned. The cream hydrates and moisturises the oily skin sufficiently. However the facial skin doesn’t plump up or is even toned after applying this moisturiser. Skin feels smooth and soft after applying. I have also used it during day and night and it works perfectly fine.
I have oily skin and it didn’t break me out or didn’t make my skin look or feel oily. The moisturization provided by Votre Absolute Hydration Moisturiser may not be enough for dry skin. Dry or normal skin may need a heavy formula for complete hydration. However it perfectly suits oily skin and am happy with the results. Also the fact that this moisturiser just provides moisturization, no other added benefits such as anti ageing, pigmentation. But yes it contains wheatgerm oil and pro vitamin B5 which are considered good for the skin. Overall a basic moisturiser for oily skinned beauties.
Votre Absolute Hydration Moisturiser Review

Votre Absolute Hydration Moisturiser Review
The In
  • Light weight moisturiser for oily skin
  • Contains Wheatgerm oil and vitamin B5 
  • Suits oily acne prone skin
  • Gets absorbed in skin readily even if applied in excess
  • Doesn’t leave an oily sheen or oily feeling on the skin 
  • Provides sufficient mositure to the skin
  • Doesn’t leave an oily residue
  • Gives a cooling, smooth feeling to the skin
  • Non comdogenic
  • Budget friendly
  • Product lasts longer as only small quantity is required for each use for oily skin

The Out
  • Formula won’t be sufficient for dry or normal skin as opposed to the brand claims 
  • Only key ingredients mentioned 
Votre Absolute Hydration Moisturiser Review

Price, Shelf life and availability – 475 INR for 200 ml with a shelf life if 3 years. Available online on major shopping portals.
I would recommend the Votre Absolute Hydration Moisturiser for oily skinned beauties who are looking out for basic moisturiser for all around the year. It may not suit dry or normal skinned beauties as the moisturiser is very lightweight and won’t provide sufficient moisture to the skin. It contains some skin loving agents and is a good moisturiser, if you haven’t tried any product from Votre then you can get started with this one and you won’t be disappointed.

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