The Nature’s Emporium Goat Milk Soap Review

Handmade soaps are sheer delight. Long back I ditched commercial soaps and am totally loving the change it has bought to my skin. Long back is used to suffer form back acne. With regular use of handmade soaps that’s a forgotten story now. Today’s review is of one such amazing goat milk soap and that is from The Nature’s Emporium. I have reviewed their Butter Me Up body butter few days back. Let’s see how this soap is amazing!!!!😃

Brand claims –

Ingredients –
Shea butter, saponified oils of olive, castor, canola, coconut, palm, goat milk, DM water, lemongrass essential oil, Lavender essential oil and peppermint essential oil

My experience 
As you can see in the images above the soap is packaged in a cardboard packaging with the brand label over it. If accidentally the packaging is torn by sharp objects then the soap is exposed to the environment. So I would prefer another palstic packaging inside since the cardboard is not hard cardboard.

Now coming to the colour of the soap it is yellow but smells like a ginger, yes you read it right. The fragrance is more of woody, spicy, but is not at all bothering. I totally loved the floral design above the soap and everytime I use it, I make sure not to use that side of the soap to keep the design intact 😂😂😂.

After using the soap, I knew it is mildly fragrant and doesn’t linger much. Now coming to the job it does, the soap foams quite well, cleanses the skin well and gets washed off easily. The foaming is frothy and creamy unlike commercial soaps which take a lot of time to get washed off. The soap doesn’t dry out the skin at all, rather it leaves a silky feeling after being washed off. The soap effectively removes oil and sweat and leaves the skin fragrant.

The soap unlike other handmade soaps, doesn’t turn gooey immediately with one use. Over a period of time it gets a bit frothy if not dried properly. I totally love this soap. The soap is quite big and would like around 2 months if used by a single person.

Now regarding the price, the soap is totally worth the money, but quantity offered at this price would have been more. Do try the soap once if you get a chance.

The In

  • Amazing woody, spicy fragrance
  • The fragrance is not bothering at all 
  • Cleanses well without drying the skin
  • Frothy foam unlike commercial soaps 
  • Almost or no wastage even when used under direct water stream
  • Creamy texture of foam feels amazing 
  • Amazing ingredients list

The Out 

  • Quantity offered, at the cost, would have been more

Price, Shelf life and Availability – 250 INR for 110 gms and Shelf life of 12 months. Available for orders on The Nature’s Emporium Facebook page.

Recommendation –
I would totally recommend The Nature’s Emporium Goat milk soap for all handmade soap lovers. Good quality, affordable price makes this soap a winner. Although the quantity at offered price can be a bit more. If you haven’t switched to handmade soaps then you definitely need to give this a try. You will never regret the decision of using handmade soap, I can definitely bet on this 😃.

NB – Product sent by brand for review. Honest review.