The Nature’s Emporium Butter Me Up Review

I haven’t tried many body butters till now. A major reason being usage of handmade soaps. Handmade soaps don’t strip oil from the skin and hence my skin doesn’t end up being dry. But yes, using body butters once in a while is good for the skin . Today’s review is about a product by new brand called The Nature’s Emporium. After reading one of my soap reviews, the owner of the brand got in touch with me for a review 😊😊. The product name is Butter Me Up which is a body butter.

First let’s know something about The Nature’s Emporium

Nature’s Emporium offers you a bouquet of Pure, Natural, Handmade products. We create soap and skin care goodies to pamper your body in the simplest way we can – using 100% natural ingredients. Just the simple goodness from the earth that makes your skin healthy and happy, refreshed and nurtured.
We began this exciting journey in July 2016 by making soaps. When it comes to creating great quality soap, method is everything. We use a traditional cold process method of soap making – a centuries old technique which has the added benefit of being energy efficient. In less than 3 months we have over 10 variants of Natural Soaps along with over 10 other bath & body essential products which are Natural, Pure, Handmade and made in small batches. These products are anhydrous and hence need no preservatives and are free from sulphates, parabens and other harsh chemicals.

Brand claims and Ingredients –

My experience – 
The body butter is packaged in simple plastic tub with a plastic screw up top and inner lid to prevent leakage. The tub is not heavy sort and is easy to carry.

The body butter is super white in colour and smells amazingly of roses. However you immediately pick the fragrance to be a bit artificial. After my first use I immediately knew that rose fragrance oil was used in it and not essential oil. The fragrance is a bit bothering but doesn’t linger much after applying.

The body butter is of thick, fluffy consistency and resembles exactly that of a cake cream. The body butter melts when it comes in contact with body or higher temperatures. Please don’t be tempted to eat it 😞, I have somehow controlled my temptation.

Now coming to the business part, the body butter moisturizes the skin very well. The moisturization effect lasts for about 10-12 hours. After that time, the skin looks hydrated and soft, no dryness or need to reapply us felt. I use handmade soaps and hence the moisturization isn’t stripped. Some of you, who are into commercial soaps or shower gels may feel the need to reapply. I apply just once per day and it is sufficient for me.

At first the body butter doesn’t get absorbed into the skin and needs to be massaged well. Post massage, it gives a little oily feeling to the body for about 1 hour. After this your skin feels comfortable and feels buttery soft, smooth and hydrated. As per the product claims, a little goes a long way, holds true in case of this body butter. I need only 2 dollops of body butter for my hands and feet, so 100 gms would last longer than expected. Overall a good body butter to try this winter season for a change.

The In 

  • Contains the goodness of Shea butter, jojoba oil, Olive oil, vitamin E 
  • Moisturises skin for 10 hours
  • Make the skin soft, smooth and hydrated 
  • No nasty chemicals 
  • A little product is required for each use
  • Ideal for winters and very dry skin

The Out 

  • Quantity offered according to price is less
  • A bit bothering fragrance which feels artificial 
  • Gives an oily feels for some time post application 

Price, shelf life and availability – 750 INR for 100 gms with a shelf life of 1 year. Available for order on The Nature’s Emporium Facebook page.

I would recommend The Nature’s Emporium Butter Me Up body butter for dry skin and for winters. It intensely hydrates the skin making it soft and smooth. However it does give a little oily feeling and the fragrance is a bit bothersome. Apart from that the body butter is a good option to try out this winter season.