Vedic Collection Tatha Clay Mask Normal Review

Aren’t we all always looking out for new face washes or face masks to try out? These two products leave full room for experiments and we cannot get enough of them. I personally am a face mask lover and love indulging in some relaxing face therapy. Today’s review is about a multi utility face mask.

Brand claims – this clay mask is soft and silky for sensitive skin and is the most gentle out of all the clays. It is very mild, nurturing and is particularly good for all skin types exfoliating and cleaning gently.
Ingredients –
DM water, Glycerin, kaolin, bentonite, calamine, Glyceryl monostearate, arlacel 165, Flexan li, Xanthan Gum, zinc oxide, cetostearyl alcohol, EDTA, Fullers Earth, Soy protein, Cucumber extract, Wheatgerm oil, Liquorice extract, Apple extract, Water Melon extract, 2-Phenoxyethanol.
My experience
The face mask is housed in a dark coloured glass jar and has a thick plastic lid. The jar also has an inner pull up plastic lid which is supposed to prevent leakage. However when I received the PR sample some amount of product had been deposited on the inber side of outer lid. This leads to wastage of product. The glass jar has attractive appearance and makes you want to purchase the product immediately.
The mask has a runny, smooth consistency and this makes it very easy to apply. The mask has a pale pink colour and the colour is attributed to zinc oxide as well as calamine in it. After applying a thin layer the mask dries up quickly like just 5 minutes. The mask doesn’t dry out the skin not does it make the skin stretchy. However when I first applied the mask on my face the sensitive area near my nose had a burning sensation and then after some one minute it subsided. Product lasts longer since a thin layer does the trick.
Now the after effects. The face feels clean and soft after washing off. The mask gives an instant soothing, glowing, smooth, even toned skin. I also noticed some lightening in my acne marks after around third use. The mask also makes the dead skin cells soft so that we can buff them away. Once when I tried the facemask without exfoliating, I experienced this. The mask is a multi utility product which makes the skin soft, buffs away dead skin cells, lightens the acne marks. Moreover the mask feels hydrating for the skin. However it shoes no effects on pigmentation. But that’s not a problem since it doesn’t claim to do so.
The In
  • Contains some fine Clay like Kaolin, Bentonite, Fullers earth
  • Contains Calamine, Cucumber, glycerin which are soothing in nature
  • Contains Liquorice extract
  • Gives smooth, soft skin
  • Has exfoliating as well as cleansing properties 
  • Free from parabens
  • Lightens acne marks with regular use
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin
  • Smooth, even consistency makes application very, very easy

The Out
  • Glass packaging is a bit risky for travelling 
  • Inner lid leaks the product while transportation 
  • Quantity offered according to price is less

Price, shelf life and availability – 525 INR for 50gm with a shelf life of 18 months. Available on major skincare shopping portals and
The Tatha Clay Mask Normal is suitable for all skin types and is a multi utility product due to it’s exfoliating, cleansing and lightening properties. However I feel the quantity offered is less for the price tag. I would repurchase for a discounted price and the mask gets a big thumbs up from Skincare Villa😊😊.

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Sonali, is a skincare aficionado who tackles one skin problem at a time. She has been blogging at Skincare Villa since 2016 and is a Certified Formulator for making dry powder based masks and cleansers.