Ida Naturals Anise Clove lip Revive Review

We have another promising product from Ida Naturals which does its job well and that too at an affordable rate. Read on to know why Skincare Villa highly recommendes Ida Naturals Anise Clove lip Revive.
Brand claims – Formulated to nourish, repair and protect lips with a mild yet stimulating blend of Anise and Clove pure essential oils. This lip revive promises to lay low and do it’s job.
Ida Naturals Anise Clove lip Revive Review
Ingredients – Shea butter, Mango butter, Sunflower oil, Coconut oil,  Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Anise essential oil and Clove essential oil.
Ida Naturals Anise Clove lip Revive Review
My experience
The packaging is simple small tub. Choco Mint Lip Butter had green sticker whereas the lip revive has yellow sticker with ingredients list and product name on top of the tub. 
The formula of the lip revive is a little yellowish in nature and is bit buttery. However once we take it out with finger it melts due to the body temperature. Sometimes the consistency can be felt like an oil just with a fragrance of Anise and Clove. The lip revive has a mild fragrance of Anise and Clove both. Once you open the tub it smells like Anise and when put up on lips you can feel the aroma of Clove. I personally love aroma of Clove as I feel it has some magical power.
Now coming to the effects of the lip revive, the lip revive actually revives the lips and repairs them. You can feel the change in the texture of lips from first use itself. If you have damaged or chapped lips or if you use lipsticks more often then this product is definitely for you. The lips become soft and supple post application. I didn’t feel the need to moisturize my lips all day long. A lip revive moisturizing lips all day long!!! Is it amazing!!!  However people with dry lips may need one reapplication. The product has also lightened the lip colour of my upper lip. My upper lip is one shade dark than the lower one. Overall a product which you cannot afford to miss.
Also the quantity offered is great as lip products hardly get used up fully and price offered is definitely affordable for the job the product does.
Ida Naturals Anise Clove lip Revive Review
The In
  • Impressive ingredients list 
  • Actually revives the lips from first use itself 
  • Doubles up as a lip balm 
  • Free from parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrance, artificial tints 
  • Affordable price for the job the product does 
  • Adequate quantity offered since the product lasts for around 4 months even if applied daily
  • Small packaging makes it travel friendly 
  • Mild aroma of Clove and Anise which isn’t bothersome as well as non-lingering 
  • Lightweight formula which doesn’t feel sticky or greasy

The Out
  • Some may prefer tube packaging over tub packaging (that’s not a problem for me)

Price, shelf life and availability – 100 INR for a small tub (weight as well as shelf life not mentioned)  Available for orders via FB page of Ida Naturals
I would totally recommend the Ida Naturals Anise Clove lip Revive if you are looking for a product to repair and heal your lips. The product does its job quite well and that at an affordable price. Moreover the product is free from chemicals. Highly recommended product by Skincare Villa.
What is your trick to repair damaged lips? Share with us in comments section below.

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