Garnier Ultra Blends shampoo of Soy milk and Almonds Review

Hey gals,

I recently got my hands on Garnier Ultra Blends shampoo of Soy milk and almonds variant. I am glad that Garnier has come up with a paraben free formula. Since I hardly use conditioner today’s review will be only about the shampoo.

Brand claims and Ingredients-

My experience
The packaging is attractive with each variant being of different colour according to the ingredients. Since milk is white this variant is white packaging. The packaging is flip cap, tight one and the bottle is very sleek.

The shampoo is white in colour, neither runny nor thick. The aroma is fresh and not at all milky. Now the cleansing part, the shampoo cleanses quite well and requires only one wash for my hair, with oil or without oil. If course without oil they become a little parched but unlike other shampoos they don’t tangle at all.

The shampoo foams quite well but using more quantity of shampoo will dry up your hair like anything. I will prefer this shampoo to be used on my without oil hair. It behaves as an understanding adult so as to adjust to the hair and doesn’t dry them out. When I used them post oiling my hair it was a normal shampoo.

What I liked the most is Paraben free formula. Else regarding the almonds in ingredients list they are second last in the list and quantity is very less. Overall without many commercial shampoos being paraben free, this one is available easily and major population uses Garnier (my lame guess) this is a winner. I would love trying other variants.

The In
  • Doesn’t dry out the hair 
  • Quantity required is very less for the use
  • Works good on hair without oiling 
  • Foams quite well 
  • Gets rinsed off easily 
  • Sleek and travel friendly packaging 
  • Budget friendly paraben free shampoo 
  • Easily available in stores as well as online

The Out
  • Over usage may make hair parched

Price, shelf life and availability – 55 INR for 75ml with a shelf life of 2 years. Easily available in stores as well as online.

Totally recommended for paraben free formula and easy availability. Moreover many variants available to suite everyone’s needs. Budget friendly is one the reasons for being favourite for me 🙂