Organic Harvest Monsoon Suncreen Review

We tend to skip sunscreen in the monsoons. I usually forget sunscreen all year around which is another story. Today’s review is about Organic Harvest sunscreen especially designed for the monsoon season. Let’s head on to the review without wasting much time.

Brand Claims

  • This Sunscreen has been specially made to shield your skin from the UV rays of the sun, during the monsoon.
  • It gives satin and soft skin feel, while maintaining the matt effect.
  • It reduces the shine on the skin by suppressing the phenomenon of specular reflection.
Main Ingredients
Olive oil, Clay minerals, Certified Organic Ecogel and Sepimat, in Cream base.
Directions for usage – In the am-using fingertips, apply to your throat, face, hands and all other body parts exposed to sun.

My experience 
The packaging is very travel friendly, compact and lightweight. The product comes in a pump up bottle. The packaging material is plastic which makes it very lightweight. The pump up packaging works very good without any problems. 
The sunscreen is very lightweight and is designed especially for monsoons. The sunscreen is white in colour and a little runny in consistency. It gets absorbed easily in the skin and doesn’t feel sticky or greasy. This Sunscreen is very very lightweight and moisturizes the skin. The moisturizing effect is not intense but it is sufficient for the monsoon season. The fragrance is a little bothersome and is a bit synthetic sort. But the fragrance is not at all lingering as long as you don’t smell your hands or feet. The sunscreen is very lightweight and can also be used on face, but I haven’t tested it on face :P.
Post application the sunscreen gives a silky smooth feeling to the skin and yet is nonsticky, non-greasy and non oily. The sunscreen provides sufficient protection from the sun as I haven’t seen any increase in my tanning from the past 7 days. However since the Bangalore weather is very cloudy it’s difficult to say how it works for sunny days in monsoon. But the sunscreen is surely doing a great job in sun protection and am loving it’s light weight formula designed for monsoons. The sunscreen has SPF 30 which is more than sufficient for monsoons.

The In
  • Light weight formula designed especially for monsoons 
  • Provides sufficient sun shield with SPF 30
  • Free from Parabens, Mineral Oil and Animal ingredients
  • Gives silky, smooth feeling to the skin post application 
  • Non-greasy, non-oily and non- sticky formula
  • Gets absorbed quickly and easily into the skin
  • The product does what it claims without any false pretences 
  • Gives great matte effect without a white cast
The Out
  • A bit pricey 
  • Only main ingredients listed 
Price, shelf life and Availability – 495 INR for 50 ml with a shelf life of 2 years.

I would totally recommend the Organic Harvest monsoon sunscreen to all sunscreen lovers. It’s lightweight formula makes it a winner while the SPF it provides is more than sufficient for monsoons. The feather in the cap is, it is paraben free and cruelty free. The product is overall a winner barring the price. Trying out the sunscreen would not at all let you down.

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